Winter wonderland and daddy

I am not an outside type of person.  Not really much at any time of the year, unless I can be out jogging…and definitely not an outside person in the winter.  I like to look at the snow and look at the Christmas decorations and I am glad to live in a state with seasons, but otherwise, none of it is really my thing.

My husband enjoys it more and thanks to him, my kids are experiencing it.  In the summer he sets up the little kiddie pool, in the fall he takes them out to rake leaves and in the winter he takes them out to play when we have snow. 

This winter, we haven’t had much of that white stuff.  It’s been cold, awful cold, but not exceedingly white.  But oh my girls look for that snow. 

And when it comes…”can we go outside?”
“can we play in the snow?”
“Oh girls, that is something you do with daddy!”

Monday of this week was one of those days, we got quite a pounding of snow (between 6 and 9 inches depending on where you lived).  The girls had a rough afternoon so were in their rooms about the time daddy was done snowblowing and wanted to take them out, but I decided it would be okay to let them out to play, anything to get rid of some energy.

So the process begins to get them ready.  Caitlyn didn’t need much help at all, she was ready to go as soon as she heard the words..really, we have never seen her get her coat and stuff on so quick!  And Sue was very cooperative with getting all the stuff on, that is snowpants, boots, gloves and coats for both of them.

When you ask them what they did:

Caitlyn says, “we wore our boots and we made snow angels and angels and angels.  We didn’t finish the snow man, then we come in and have hot chocolate.”

What strikes me each time is how excited they are to go out with daddy…and how much they are crying from being cold when they come back in.  Caitlyn stays out just as long as she can stand it, but then is a basket case when she comes back in. She cries and cries at how cold her hands are.

And this week daddy had a good idea, hot chocolate.  Well with a 2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old it isn’t really HOT chocolate, but I made up some chocolate milk and warmed it a touch.  When Caitlyn tasted it, she declared “this is chocolate milk.”  Ah well, we tried.

They were not interested in pictures this week, but the other day we got some:

 I am glad they are having fun, but I have one thing to say—“Spring, please come soon!”
What do your kids/nieces/nephews like to do outside?  Do they have fun in the winter?  Do you go with them or are you the designated “undresser”, like I am?
Survive til you Thrive!

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