Baby #3…..drum roll please, it’s a baby!!!

Well, I really, really thought about it this time around, but decided to stick with our plan to not find out gender until our newest family member is born in 20 weeks, give or take a few.

So last Wednesday was our midpoint ultrasound, a bit early at 18 weeks, 2 days.  Due to my midwife changing practices in a new hospital system, this ultrasound was done at a different place than my other two.  I drank all my water, 32 ounces an hour before the ultrasound, drove there–knowing full well it was likely the water had made my bladder too big for the scan to be completed, and it was.  The tech kept saying, “this baby moves SOOOO much.”  To which I replied, “it has 21 weeks to calm itself down!!!”  We’ll see.

True to nature for our babies, this one did not want to show off the ventricales of its heart.  My girls were the same way.  Apparently my kids think hearts should be kept private and hidden!  With Caitlyn we had to go back 13 weeks after our first scan to get it completed after trying the walking around and pushing and prodding to get baby to cooperate.  With Sue, all was accomplished in the one visit, but there was walking and prodding involved.  This one was more stubborn yet.  The scan took twice as long, included me going to the bathroom twice, 2 technicians trying, and 3 walks around the radiology area to see if baby would move into a good position….and FINALLY they got enough views.  I am not kidding you when I say they bruised me.  My muscles still hurt 3 days later.  But they got it all 🙂

It was amazing to see our little one.  Hubby had a better view of the monitor and got to see baby practicing swallowing and moving a lot.  Daddy was suprised I did not feel any of the little ones movements.  I do feel baby several times a day now, but if there is counter pressure from outside, baby isn’t quite strong enough to get it’s point across, but I KNOW that will change soon enough.  Even now, a week later, I feel the kicking and movements stronger than I did the day of our scan.

But I do have 6 pictures to show for our time (and my pain).  It is definitely worth it.  For those who did not see them on facebook, here they are:
both feet
baby left foot
baby head to left in all profiles–>baby sucking it’s thumb
Survive til you Thrive!

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