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The big announcement, kid style

So I was thinking maybe people were tired of my blog, but today I got a topic “request” (thanks Jessica!).

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that we didn’t tell Caitlyn she was going to be a big sister before Sue was born.  Caitlyn was only 15 1/2 months old when she became a big sissy, so it didn’t seem necessary.  We just went and had the baby, then daddy brought her up to the birthing center.  Here is a picture from that first meeting between the girls:

She cared more about the balloon and apparently the baby’s feet than who that was in there…
But this time the girls are 3 1/2 and 2, so it seemed like we should tell them; I had thought we would wait longer so it didn’t seem so far away to them, but people were starting to ask them if they were excited for the baby, and frankly, I was getting excited about telling Caitlyn, so we decided after the ultrasound to break the news. 
I got a book from Borders that I remembered reading as a child, The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby.  (Did you know that was published in 1974!)  Saturday night, for our night-night book I got that out and daddy got the video camera. 
First we read the story, then we talked about new babies.  I asked them if they would like a new baby (glad the answer was yes), Caitlyn declared “everyone would enjoy it, but there is no bed for it.”  So we talked about the baby could sleep in the cradle Sue used to sleep in (Caitlyn said Sue was boring).  Caitlyn first declared we should get a girl baby, a sister, but then decided we should get a baby and a sister (mama stopped that thought). 
I asked Caitlyn if mommy’s belly was getting bigger, she said yes.  “Why is mommy’s belly growing bigger?” mama said, Caitlyn said, because you have a baby in there.  Then I showed them the ultrasound pictures.  Sue said, “that’s silly.”  And laughed a few times.  We talked about it being a long time til the baby came, not until summer time near Caitlyn’s birthday.  Sue’s reaction was to pat my shirt and say “baby nurse.”  Maybe she will be okay with sharing mama!  (okay, you mom’s out there, let me hold on to the dream til it is shattered by reality)
The girls have been really cute, telling people about the baby.  I had a midwife appointment this week and when I got home Caitlyn said, “where’s the baby?”  I explained the baby was still too little.  Then she said, “Mommy’s belly is getting REALLY big.”
Lovely.  Thanks kid!
It was really fun to tell the girls and has been fun to talk to them about it since.  Now, let’s see how many times I get asked in the next 20 weeks, “Is the baby coming yet?”  “When is the baby coming???”

Just remembering

I had thought for the blog today I would write something funny and light hearted. but that is not for today.

I think for today the blog should have very few words.

Over the last few years, and particularly the last few months, I have mourned with friends, and people I have never met in real life, who have lost children.

There are not words for me to express how much I wish things were different in each situation.  All I can say is I continue to pray for each one and hope they know I love them and care.

Please, today, spend the time you might have spent reading my random thoughts, praying for those who have lost children at any age.  Please pray for their peace, comfort, for what they need to get through today.

But Jesus called for the children, saying, “Let the little children come to me.  Don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to people who are like these children…”

Luke 18:16

Baby #3…..drum roll please, it’s a baby!!!

Well, I really, really thought about it this time around, but decided to stick with our plan to not find out gender until our newest family member is born in 20 weeks, give or take a few.

So last Wednesday was our midpoint ultrasound, a bit early at 18 weeks, 2 days.  Due to my midwife changing practices in a new hospital system, this ultrasound was done at a different place than my other two.  I drank all my water, 32 ounces an hour before the ultrasound, drove there–knowing full well it was likely the water had made my bladder too big for the scan to be completed, and it was.  The tech kept saying, “this baby moves SOOOO much.”  To which I replied, “it has 21 weeks to calm itself down!!!”  We’ll see.

True to nature for our babies, this one did not want to show off the ventricales of its heart.  My girls were the same way.  Apparently my kids think hearts should be kept private and hidden!  With Caitlyn we had to go back 13 weeks after our first scan to get it completed after trying the walking around and pushing and prodding to get baby to cooperate.  With Sue, all was accomplished in the one visit, but there was walking and prodding involved.  This one was more stubborn yet.  The scan took twice as long, included me going to the bathroom twice, 2 technicians trying, and 3 walks around the radiology area to see if baby would move into a good position….and FINALLY they got enough views.  I am not kidding you when I say they bruised me.  My muscles still hurt 3 days later.  But they got it all 🙂

It was amazing to see our little one.  Hubby had a better view of the monitor and got to see baby practicing swallowing and moving a lot.  Daddy was suprised I did not feel any of the little ones movements.  I do feel baby several times a day now, but if there is counter pressure from outside, baby isn’t quite strong enough to get it’s point across, but I KNOW that will change soon enough.  Even now, a week later, I feel the kicking and movements stronger than I did the day of our scan.

But I do have 6 pictures to show for our time (and my pain).  It is definitely worth it.  For those who did not see them on facebook, here they are:
both feet
baby left foot
baby head to left in all profiles–>baby sucking it’s thumb

Toy Boxes are for TOYS???

Well, my kids might beg to differ with you if you were to tell them toy boxes are for toys!  Their toy box has some history.  It was made for me by my Papa (grandpa).  He had made toy boxes for my cousins when they were little (like 3 I think???) but my dad was in the military and we were living in Germany at that time, so I did not get one when they did.  Then when we came back to the states, after my parents got a divorce, it just never happened that I got a toy box.

So time passed…

And grandma decided I needed a toy box.  But I had entered that age they now call the “tweens”.  So they decided to make it a toy box/hope chest.  It is huge and beautiful.  Now mind you, I am short, but I could fully lay down in it at ages 9, 10, etc.  At first it had toys in it, and then over the years it did change over to stuff I would get as gifts that I would be able to use as I went away to college or got married.  I remember storing some beautiful glass bowls in there, towels, doilies, and many other things that I ended up taking to college.

Now fast forward more years than I can believe.  It is back to being a toy box.  My girls don’t know the history and sometimes it makes me sad to see them putting stickers on it, but hubby assures me they will come off (and when I have taken the time to test that, he is right).  My girls don’t know their “treasure” chest was made by Papa or that it once held my hopes for having my own household.  To them it is just fun.  And they sure do have fun with it.

On days we need them to occupy themselves, we let them take all the toys out and throw them around Caitlyn’s room.  More often than not though, Caitlyn decides to do such things when she is SUPPOSED to be napping.  Here are a couple pictures I have captured of the Hopeful Treasure Chest:
Here is Caitlyn napping in her treasure chest.
They look so little in the picture on the right.  I think it was about a year ago.

Not sure where to go from here…maybe Kenya?

So, I think one of the valuable things about blogging is the ability to connect us to each other for the spreading of the Lord’s work.  Sometimes that is encouraging and sometimes that is uncomfortable and oft times, it is a bit of both.  That is where I find myself as I read about MckMama’s experiences in Kenya

The above link is just one of several days of blogging she has done from some very desolate areas in Kenya.  I see her pictures of children and her pleas to have us join her in helping the children of Kenya by sponsorship through Compassion International.  And so far I don’t know what my role is.

I have used my twitter and facebook accounts to retweet her updates on how many Kenyan children Compassion still needs sponsors for, and I am thrilled to see that number decreasing (most recent update was 750 children).  But am I supposed to help that number decrease through signing up to support one of them?  I don’t know.

I am no stranger to sponsorship.  I sponsored a girl in China through World Vision for several years until she moved out of the program area.  Before that I sponsored a children through Children International.  I have also given many times to Feed the Children.  And several other ministries.

But what about right now?  What is my duty?  What is the Lord asking me to do?  I have NO idea.  I really don’t.  Is what we are giving to our church right now, the amount the Lord wants us to give?  Are the occassional gifts we are giving what He is asking of us right now?  Are the gifts in kind we give what He has in mind right now?  Again, I have no idea. 

I am scared to give more right now.  I work in the auto industry.  So far so good for me, but wow, the gloom there is just starting to lift, well maybe not even lift, maybe just thin.  How do I take my eyes off that to see what else the Lord wants me to give?  How do I teach my girls to be generous when I am too afraid to increase my own giving?  I have no answers, just lots of questions that I ask myself on a daily basis. Am I hiding behind my questions?  Maybe.  Is asking them my way of claiming some action in my inaction?  Maybe.

So for now, I continue to ask my questions, while asking you to visit MckMama’s blog to see even more what what she is sharing.  Take a peak at the desolation and the hope.  Please consider your role, whether it is in your own neighborhood or somewhere across the globe.  And maybe together we will find our time and place to jump from doubt to action.

Things mamas and daddys say and hear…Some Sunday Sillies

Okay, as a mom I often hear myself say things I never imagined thinking of or needing to say.  Then there are those quotables I never imagined:

“Don’t brush the dog with mommy’s brush”  (for those wondering, the answer was, “but he needs pretties”)

“Stop licking the dog, Sue”
“But he licked me.”
“Yes but you licked him first Sue!”

“Caitlyn, I don’t care what the potty says, you have to wash your hands!”

“Caitlyn, why did you peel the crayon?”
“His clothes were itchy, he said.”

From Caitlyn–“I pulled down my pants, my belt just went for a ride.”  (she explained when she realized she did not have to take off her belt)

“I’m not tired,” says Caitlyn as daddy carries her in from the car, where she fell asleep, to put her in bed.

Mama, to Caitlyn. “what’s your name today?”  We had about a month where some days her name was Miss Mingo and then it changed to Miss Ruby.  The other day she declared, “my name is Caitlyn now.”

Sue declared, after we told the girls a new baby was coming, “where’s the baby in my belly?”

The above is just a fun picture from last summer (ignore the date stamp).  I found this power wheels jeep at a yard sale for $10.  We just had to get batteries.  Caitlyn was tall enough to drive it, but is like her mama and a bit of a timid driver.  Sue, wanted so badly to drive it last year, but her legs just weren’t long enough.  I am sure she will be a speed demon this year now that she can drive!!!!!

Random Pregnancy Thoughts

So I don’t have a lot to say today, I am really tired.  But that’s okay.  Baking a baby takes a lot of energy.

I sit across from finance people at work.  I am not a finance person.  When we had our ultrasound for the baby yesterday, they said the baby is 10 ounces.  That may not sound like much but it is actually a little above average.  I told one of the finance guys about the 10 ounces today and he did the math, if my baby continued to grow at this rate, it would be 22 lbs when full term!!!!  Boy am I glad the baby is now at the point in the pregnancy where it’s growth slows down.  I don’t think I could deliver a baby the size of my 2 year old!

We got some great pictures of the baby yesterday during the ultrasound.  I had hoped to share them with you tonight, but I realized after I did it, I scanned them in wrong and they are in PDF format, not picture format.  Do you think needing to post them on my blog is a good enough reason to go buy a scanner?

We are going to tell the girls about the coming baby this weekend.  Caitlyn is 3 1/2 and Sue is 2 years, 3 months.  How much do you think they will understand?  We actually never told Caitlyn she was going to be a big sister when Sue was coming.  She was only 6 1/2 months old when we found out Sue was coming and only 15 1/2 months old when her sister arrived. I think Caitlyn will kind of get it, we have been talking about the baby sister one of her Church friends will be “getting” any day.  I think we’ll get to tell Sue over and over.  We will be like the Duggars, but instead of announcing lots of children, we’ll announce one child many times!

Caitlyn just told me I don’t need to worry, she is changing Sue’s diaper.  I of course went in to check on the situation.  Sue was on the changing table, with Caitlyn standing on the edge of the changing table. The old diaper was off, Caitlyn had wipes and was in process…I was allowed to help wipe and then asked to hold Sue’s legs so Caitlyn could get the diaper on. 

Nylons are not comfortable at any time in life, but today I thought, for some crazy reason, that I should wear CONTROL TOP nylons.  Late afternoon comes and I can’t figure out why my clothes felt so tight on my waist when they were loose…it took quite a while to realize it was my nylons.  They got destroyed.  They are now in the garbage can where they belong!

Pregnancy brain, or mommy amnesia, is really messing with me this pregnancy.  I had the date wrong on my ultrasound.  Got that right.  Then I got the time wrong.  And I got the wrong date for our daycare lady’s granddaughter’s 4th birthday.  So embarassing.  But she will be getting a beautiful doll carrier for her birthday (check them out here).  Caitlyn wants to get her a pretend bird feeder, but I am sure she will like the doll carrier MUCH more.

Thank you Lord for letting me have a seat on this crazy, wild pregnancy ride!

(17 weeks 5 days along)

Pretty dresses on pretty girls

I don’t know what it is about girls and pretty dresses.  But when they turn about 2  years old their desire for “pretty dresses” seems to develop and just keep growing (I am making some generalizations here…I don’t know if all girls are this way, but several I know are). 

And wow, by the time age 3 hits, it is a full blown obsession.  One that this mama is willing to indulge to a point.  We do not go out in our princess dresses to the store or to daycare.  I don’t want to deal with the dresses in the car seat or the grocery store and particularly at this time of year it is just too cold.  But often when we are home for the day I will allow Caitlyn to wear a pretty dress for part of the day–I just told her she had to change into pants and a shirt and she said “Now I’m MAD!”  Mama, “okay, you can be mad, but I want you to put on pants and a shirt.”  Reluctantly she did.

Anyway, this morning she asked for a pretty dress.  I started to get one out, then remembered I had promised cousin (known as Aunt) that we would send pictures of the girls in the tutus she and a friend made them for Christmas.  So, we did.  The girls were thrilled to oblige!  So here is part of our photo shoot (can’t compare to what Mckmama can do with photos, but they are super cute). 

And finally this one was so cute I had to overlook it’s flaw

Laundry–Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So I don’t mind washing laundry, really I don’t.  But it can get crazy.  I did not let it get to the point that we had two large hampers to fold.  Not me.  I did not let it get so bad that it took both my hubby and I folding to get it done in an hour.  Nope, not me!

I did not let it get so bad that folding it filled our living room to look like this….

And I did not just post that in my blog for everyone to see!  Nope, not me.  I must have more pride than that… (I will tell you all of that is now put away where it belongs..and that is true!)