Please indulge me—one of my personal causes

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I have Multiple Sclerosis. It used to consume my life. Every time I turned around, I was sick again. For a lot of the years, there was no treatment involved, just me, being sick.

Then when I was in college new medications, self injectable medications, came on the scene. They had some crummy side effects, imagine giving yourself the flu every other day, but it was something proactive, it was something that was supposed to help with the progression of the disease or at least the intensity of bad spells. So I did it. For many years.

They stopped being enough. I spent from 2000-2003 going in and out of the hospital for doses of IV steroids. That wasn’t fun either. 15 stays in 3 years puts a crimp in your life, but they worked. I was able to keep functioning, with some interruptions and complications, but functioning.

Then I found a great doctor. He believed in treating MS more in an outpatient setting and a bit more proactively. We didn’t wait for me to get sick, instead we did planned steroid doses every 3 weeks. Now if you have ever been on mass doses of steroids, it is not ideal, but I had my freedom from the hospital.

So, I went every three weeks for a couple years for mass IV doses. I got round, I gained a lot of weight, I got grouchy, but I was able to walk again, got married, and settled into this new rhythm of life.

Then in 2005 things got really stable. I went off the IV steroids and my hubby and I decided to start a family…and we haven’t looked back. Like I said in another post, pregnancy and breastfeeding have been good for me, really good. I have not required ANY treatment for the MS since July of 2005.

But MS is still there, whether it is big in my life or very, very small. I need the researchers to keep working toward better treatments and a cure. I need it for me. And need it to be available for my children, though I pray they will never deal with MS in their life.

Due to these needs, my family and I continue to participate in the MS walk each year. This year will be my third to be pregnant while walking. I think that is amazing and very, very cool!

So I prepare by fundraising for the MS walk and set aside May 2nd for my family to participate and raise awareness.

Will you join me? Will you check out my personal page and consider getting involved? 

I have my page linked not only here, but also permanently on the bottom of my blog page and a link on my facebook profile.  You can not only donate, but find links for how you can participate and get more information for yourself or others who may live with the reality of MS.

And please, if you or someone you know, needs to talk to someone who has been there, contact me.   Also, be watching my blog as I will do a mini-series of MS blogs leading up to the walk on May 2nd.  19 years has given me lots of info and experience that might be useful for others!

Survive til you Thrive!

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