Random Pregnancy Thoughts

So I don’t have a lot to say today, I am really tired.  But that’s okay.  Baking a baby takes a lot of energy.

I sit across from finance people at work.  I am not a finance person.  When we had our ultrasound for the baby yesterday, they said the baby is 10 ounces.  That may not sound like much but it is actually a little above average.  I told one of the finance guys about the 10 ounces today and he did the math, if my baby continued to grow at this rate, it would be 22 lbs when full term!!!!  Boy am I glad the baby is now at the point in the pregnancy where it’s growth slows down.  I don’t think I could deliver a baby the size of my 2 year old!

We got some great pictures of the baby yesterday during the ultrasound.  I had hoped to share them with you tonight, but I realized after I did it, I scanned them in wrong and they are in PDF format, not picture format.  Do you think needing to post them on my blog is a good enough reason to go buy a scanner?

We are going to tell the girls about the coming baby this weekend.  Caitlyn is 3 1/2 and Sue is 2 years, 3 months.  How much do you think they will understand?  We actually never told Caitlyn she was going to be a big sister when Sue was coming.  She was only 6 1/2 months old when we found out Sue was coming and only 15 1/2 months old when her sister arrived. I think Caitlyn will kind of get it, we have been talking about the baby sister one of her Church friends will be “getting” any day.  I think we’ll get to tell Sue over and over.  We will be like the Duggars, but instead of announcing lots of children, we’ll announce one child many times!

Caitlyn just told me I don’t need to worry, she is changing Sue’s diaper.  I of course went in to check on the situation.  Sue was on the changing table, with Caitlyn standing on the edge of the changing table. The old diaper was off, Caitlyn had wipes and was in process…I was allowed to help wipe and then asked to hold Sue’s legs so Caitlyn could get the diaper on. 

Nylons are not comfortable at any time in life, but today I thought, for some crazy reason, that I should wear CONTROL TOP nylons.  Late afternoon comes and I can’t figure out why my clothes felt so tight on my waist when they were loose…it took quite a while to realize it was my nylons.  They got destroyed.  They are now in the garbage can where they belong!

Pregnancy brain, or mommy amnesia, is really messing with me this pregnancy.  I had the date wrong on my ultrasound.  Got that right.  Then I got the time wrong.  And I got the wrong date for our daycare lady’s granddaughter’s 4th birthday.  So embarassing.  But she will be getting a beautiful doll carrier for her birthday (check them out here).  Caitlyn wants to get her a pretend bird feeder, but I am sure she will like the doll carrier MUCH more.

Thank you Lord for letting me have a seat on this crazy, wild pregnancy ride!

(17 weeks 5 days along)
Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Random Pregnancy Thoughts

  1. What a fun post. I like your comparison to the Duggars. They are a family that people love but wonder about sometimes. They are grounded though and so are you. I think you are guaranteed to have a less than 20 lb. baby, LOL!

  2. I so enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing, Charity!

  3. Ohhh, I did that with the nylons one day!! I haven't worn them since and that was back by Christmas. LOL I've stuck with slacks for church. 🙂

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