Super Proud of Caitlyn—for peeing her pants!

Last Friday, daddy called me on his way home from work and asked if the girls were in a good mood.  Yup, pretty decent…why?  How about we take them to Rainforest Cafe?  He and I had gone there for our anniversary back in October and thought they would like it.  We have been avoiding “sit down” places with them because they don’t often deal well with it, but that place has lots of great animals, trees and fish to look at, everywhere you look is something fun to see, so we thought that might keep them interested.

And it did, we did laps around the place looking at butterflies, elephants dancing and monkeys (who took naps between the thunderstorms, in case you were wondering).  And the girls loved it.

And daddy loved the volcano lava cake and ice cream with the sparklers. 

And mama loved seeing the girls with their daddy.

And Caitlyn enjoying her cake and ice cream
Are you wondering about the peeing her pants yet…keep waiting…
So then we decided to walk around the mall.  This ended up being too much for Sue who had a complete meltdown, but Caitlyn was sooo good.
We got them back in the car, Sue screamed, Caitlyn covered her ears.  And after awhile, Caitlyn fell asleep.  When we arrived home, daddy carried Caitlyn in to her bed.  She woke up enough to say “I’m not tired.”  Then passed back out. 
Sue, on the other hand, had lots of energy, I guess chocolate cake and ice cream will do that to a two year old.  After a while we decided she should invest her energy in sleeping.  We are such meanies, we put the two year old to bed.
I asked daddy if we should risk waking Caitlyn up to put a pull up on.  I have not had the nerve to tackle night time potty training yet.  Maybe I will do that when the new baby comes and I am up any way…oh, I digress…
We decided to just risk having to change the sheets rather than wake up our peacefully sleeping child.  I did put a waterproof pad under her (thanks Lori). 
We went to bed.  We were sleeping.  It was nice.  Then Caitlyn let out a blood curdling scream.  We were no longer sleeping.  It was not nice.
We both ran downstairs to find Caitlyn in the hallway right in front of the bathroom, crying and saying, “I can’t get my pants off.”  She had peed her pants while trying to get her pants off, the belt she was wearing probably didn’t help the situation.
(Here is where I am proud of her). 
She had woken up to go potty.  She may not have made it, but she had woken up.  She knew to go to the bathroom in the potty even at night!  And we have never told her to do that. 
She ended up peeing her pants, her bed was not at all wet, and this mama couldn’t be prouder!
Survive til you Thrive!

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