Things mamas and daddys say and hear…Some Sunday Sillies

Okay, as a mom I often hear myself say things I never imagined thinking of or needing to say.  Then there are those quotables I never imagined:

“Don’t brush the dog with mommy’s brush”  (for those wondering, the answer was, “but he needs pretties”)

“Stop licking the dog, Sue”
“But he licked me.”
“Yes but you licked him first Sue!”

“Caitlyn, I don’t care what the potty says, you have to wash your hands!”

“Caitlyn, why did you peel the crayon?”
“His clothes were itchy, he said.”

From Caitlyn–“I pulled down my pants, my belt just went for a ride.”  (she explained when she realized she did not have to take off her belt)

“I’m not tired,” says Caitlyn as daddy carries her in from the car, where she fell asleep, to put her in bed.

Mama, to Caitlyn. “what’s your name today?”  We had about a month where some days her name was Miss Mingo and then it changed to Miss Ruby.  The other day she declared, “my name is Caitlyn now.”

Sue declared, after we told the girls a new baby was coming, “where’s the baby in my belly?”

The above is just a fun picture from last summer (ignore the date stamp).  I found this power wheels jeep at a yard sale for $10.  We just had to get batteries.  Caitlyn was tall enough to drive it, but is like her mama and a bit of a timid driver.  Sue, wanted so badly to drive it last year, but her legs just weren’t long enough.  I am sure she will be a speed demon this year now that she can drive!!!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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