Toy Boxes are for TOYS???

Well, my kids might beg to differ with you if you were to tell them toy boxes are for toys!  Their toy box has some history.  It was made for me by my Papa (grandpa).  He had made toy boxes for my cousins when they were little (like 3 I think???) but my dad was in the military and we were living in Germany at that time, so I did not get one when they did.  Then when we came back to the states, after my parents got a divorce, it just never happened that I got a toy box.

So time passed…

And grandma decided I needed a toy box.  But I had entered that age they now call the “tweens”.  So they decided to make it a toy box/hope chest.  It is huge and beautiful.  Now mind you, I am short, but I could fully lay down in it at ages 9, 10, etc.  At first it had toys in it, and then over the years it did change over to stuff I would get as gifts that I would be able to use as I went away to college or got married.  I remember storing some beautiful glass bowls in there, towels, doilies, and many other things that I ended up taking to college.

Now fast forward more years than I can believe.  It is back to being a toy box.  My girls don’t know the history and sometimes it makes me sad to see them putting stickers on it, but hubby assures me they will come off (and when I have taken the time to test that, he is right).  My girls don’t know their “treasure” chest was made by Papa or that it once held my hopes for having my own household.  To them it is just fun.  And they sure do have fun with it.

On days we need them to occupy themselves, we let them take all the toys out and throw them around Caitlyn’s room.  More often than not though, Caitlyn decides to do such things when she is SUPPOSED to be napping.  Here are a couple pictures I have captured of the Hopeful Treasure Chest:
Here is Caitlyn napping in her treasure chest.
They look so little in the picture on the right.  I think it was about a year ago.
Survive til you Thrive!

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