I love pictures of my kids when they are sleeping.  No, not because that is the only time they are quiet or good.  I just love those pictures.  Maybe it is just when the look the most like my babies…  Here is a collage:

Caitlyn from back when all she did was sleep

And to the right, Sue from her sleep only days…

Here is Caitlyn sleeping behind the couch and yes, she has her hand down her pants.  What’s a mama to do???
When they want to sleep they can sleep anywhere.  When they don’t want to sleep, they can’t sleep anywhere!
But my kids are decent sleepers, particularly Sue.
But Caitlyn can sleep too (though not quite so willingly)…
awww, what a sweet face!
Caitlyn thinks naps, at home, are stupid.  I hear at daycare she still does great, but here with mama, not so much.  Sue still likes her nap.  Today, about 15 minutes before nap, she looked at Caitlyn and said, “don’t eat my [peanut] butter [sandwhich].  I’m going to take a nap.”  And she started walking to her room.  So, mama got her a binky and put her in the crib.  That was the end of that!!!! 
Survive til you Thrive!

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