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Milestone Mania

As parents we see many milestones come for our kids, even at very early ages.  They are just weeks old when we are looking for that first real smile, the first time they can hold their head up, roll over, sleep through the night, sit up…

I don’t know about other parents, but I really struggled with those when Caitlyn hit them.  At the time we were only planning to have one child.  My pregnancy with her had been somewhat difficult and a lot uncomfortable and I had no idea how long my health would stay stable, so I swore we were only having one.  That didn’t mean I did not want more; as soon as they put her on my chest after she was born I knew I wanted to live through every bit of that again…but I had told my hubby this was it.  And I thought I would have to keep that promise.

So with each milestone I smiled and laughed and loved and cried.  A lot.  A whole lot.  I cried every day of her first 5 months.  All I could think was, from now on I have to raise her to leave me.  And I hated that thought, a part of me hated those milestones.

I actually mentioned it to my midwife about it a few times and we were starting to talk about maybe some meds or therapy for postpartum depression when it lifted…and about 6 weeks later we found out we were expecting baby #2…but I digress.

Thankfully, I no longer hate the milestones like I did in those early months.  I continue to hate the thought of my girls growing up to leave me, but I now take one day at a time and enjoy seeing them tackle new ideas and experience new things.

Today I was struck with a new milestone.  We talk about baby’s first haircut, but what about our little one’s first trip to the dentist?  That is a biggy too.  And today, Caitlyn experienced it.

It dawned on me yesterday, a little late, maybe we should prepare Caitlyn for going to the dentist.  She’s the kid who clamps her mouth shut when the doctor wants to look in, that might not work out so well at the dentist.  So last night we talked about it a little bit.  Today I talked about how she was such a big girl and got to go to the dentist because she was a big girl.  Oh, and there was the bribery of going to [Mc]Donalds afterward.

And she did great!!!!  A friend had suggested a children’s dentist.  And they were wonderful.  The hygenist talked through everything she was doing, put it in friendly words, was an amazing professional.

At the very beginning Caitlyn looked like she might not open up much…
But she decided it was ok.  Sue really wanted in on the action!
Caitlyn got her first cleaning like a champ.
And a clean bill of teeth health from the dentist.
Sue, after much begging “what about me???”, got her minute in the chair.
And they both got toys and new toothbrushes, while mama (and daddy) got a “good job” for Caitlyn’s clean, shiney teeth. 
So a milestone I never thought about was met and triumphed today.  Caitlyn did a great job at the dentist.  She was quite grown up about the whole deal and excited to tell daddy the details when he got home.  She loved showing off her stickers, and new toothbrush and shiney teeth. 
And mama and daddy are very proud.  She really did well.  As always, we had nothing to fear. 

Braxton Hicks Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Check out my Braxton Hicks Not Me Monday thoughts as part of the fun.

I did not randomly realize I was crying while coping with braxton hicks contractions walking through the grocery store Thursday afternoon. No, I know that I contract early and often in my pregnancies. I did not again cry while having lots of contractions Friday night too. Again, I know for me this is normal. I was not completely overwhelmed by the thought of 3 more months of this on and off. No, I know pregnancy is a gift and I will cherish it. I was not minutes away from telling my hubby we had to go to the hospital to get the contractions checked out Friday night. No way, I am going to keep my promise to my husband to not freak out at every contraction, so I would never overreact already! I was not then so overwhelmed with relief when my midwife e-mailed me back late Friday night that I started to cry. No, I am much more calm, cool and collected than that! I did not then spend Saturday and Sunday afraid every twinge was the beginning of several more hours of contractions. Oh no.

Oh no, this is not going to be a very long 3 months until baby is safely here.

Me at 25 weeks 6 days.

5 question Friday

I again liked the questions from Mama M.  Hop on over and check out her blog fun.

And now for my answers:

1. What was the first car you owned?

A 1983 Buick Skylark.  It was two-tone blue.  It needed an engine when I got it, so had to buy one from teh junk yard.  Didn’t have the money on my own, so my dad floated me a loan.  I was slowly paying him back, but boy did that debt weigh on me.  But that year, my Christmas present from my dad was forgiving the loan.  I remember him laying on the couch half a sleep and him saying it so nonchalantly…and I ran over and gave him a big hug! 

2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to?

Well there isn’t a Barney song I don’t know, but my 2-year-old and 3-year-old love it.  So, ultimately I love it too.  It makes them happy, it makes me happy.

3. Have you ever had stitches?

22 stitches., 19 above my eye and three over my top lip.  I was driving my moped to work when I was 15.  I went off the edge of the road, and when I tried to come back on, I hit the lip and wiped out.  The mirror shoved my glasses up to my skull.  Thankfully some guy stopped and picked me up.  I guess I was bleeding a lot…I realized later he took his shirt off to give me something to put against my head.  He took me to the closest hospital (not one you wanted to be at).  And this guy who I did not understand, kept saying “we need a plastic guy.”  I thought he was saying platic guide, like he needed a guide to know how to put my face back together.  My parents were out of town, and my aunt came.  They kept wanting her to sign a paper saying they wouldn’t be liable for what I looked like when they were done.  (Thank you Aunt D for not signing that).  She cleaned the blood off my hands and kept me calm until my parents got there.  My dad couldn’t bear to see me, but before he had to leave the room, he told that doctor, if she needs a plastic surgeon, then get her to one…so I went by ambulance to a much better hospital…22 stitches and a broken nose later, they had done things so nicely, very few people today I notice where I got all those stitches.

4. What was your first job?

Besides babysitting, selling campfire wood, and whatever else I could do to make money to support my horse…it was, well babysitting, at a ski resort.  Man the $3/hr I made at the time was really good money.  Now, I think most kids wouldn’t even think about watching my kids for that…

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

Not Elmo.  I love them all except Elmo.  Yeah, I know, nuts that I don’t mind Barney but abhor Elmo…

The news today…

One of the “pleasures” of pregnancy is the gestational diabetes test.  Between week 24 and 29 you get to drink a glucose solution to see how your body reacts with insulin.

I passed, no problem when pregnant with Caitlyn.

I was surprised when I was pregnant with Sue when I failed the 1 hour glucose tolerance test and had to go for the three hour test.  And after drinking that nasty concoction, I was subjected to several hours of blood draws so they could see how my body responded to the glucose.  It turned out, one of the hours my body did not provide enough insulin to counteract the sugar in the appropriate time.  I then had to meet with a nurse to learn how to test my sugar levels and follow a special diet for the remainder of my pregnancy.

I was heartbroken.  I felt like my body had betrayed me and like I had let myself down.  My only risk factor was the extra weight I carried.  I was scared at what it meant for my baby and what it could mean for my future, as gestational sugar issues can be a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

I followed the diet, my baby was not large, I kept my sugar in check and all issues disappeared once Sue was born. 

Between Sue and this baby, I started jogging, going to the gym and lost not only the baby weight, but also an additional 15 pounds before I got pregnant again.  I still carried 10 extra pounds, but I had done my darndest.

And I have kept going to the gym and walking while pregnant.

Last week it was time to do the 1 hour sugar test for this baby.  My midwife and I had talked about my risk of sugar issues being raised because of having them with Sue, but that my one hope was I had lost all my baby weight plus some extra.  I wanted to hope I would not need to do the extra tests and diet, but I just wasn’t confident.

Today I e-mailed my midwife to see how it had turned out…and I passed the test!!!!!  I passed!!!!!  I do not have to do additional testing and that is a good sign for my future risk of diabetes…let me say it again, I PASSED!!!!!

All that hard work between babies and while pregnant has paid big dividends!!!!!  I cried, I was so excited, and sooooo motivated to continue exercising and making decent eating choices while pregnant. 

My wonderful midwife put it best…”Great Job.  Keep up the exercise.”

My little Mice

Okay, so today’s blog should be called a brag 🙂

As you know, I think my kids are really cute, and I am slowly teaching myself to sew…and today on facebook page, they featured both. 

Sewbaby is a mom/daughter home based pattern and sewing material company.  They are currently celebrating their 16th anniversary.  As part of that, you can enter any item you make using one of their patterns or their materials, in their contest. 

For Easter I made the girls hooded mouse towels from one of their pattern books. I sent pictures of my girls and did a review of the book on the website.  They e-mailed me back to say they wanted to showcase the pictures.  And today they did.  So my little mice are on their facebook wall!  I am so thrilled, 2 of my passions together–my girls and sewing.

Insomnia, oh no, not quite

Over the years I have had bouts of insomnia for many reasons…when the Multiple Sclerosis was at it’s worst I was in the hospital 15 times in three years for steroid IVs.  That will cause major insomnia.  Then I found a doctor that would do the IVs outpatient, so it was two more years of them going to the clinic, much better than the hospital, but still causes insomnia.  Then there are random bouts everyone gets.  And my favorites, seriously, are the ones caused by pregnancy.  Insomnia is actually my first clue I might be preggo.  This time around my husband even noticed and when I told him our family was growing, he said “what made you test, the insomnia?”  It is worst during first and third trimester, but that’s okay.  It is totally worth it.

But today I have been up since 4.  Insomnia, nope.  My girls are sick again.  This time with horrible colds.  And I woke up to Sue coughing.  And the poor thing is so confused.  Think about it.  The gagging of throwing up can be an awful lot like a cough and she just stopped that about a week ago.  So now, when she coughs from her cold, she cries for her “bowl” that she lived with while battling her stomach virus.  It is sad, and cute.

But being up with her, while miserable, is still nicer than the insomnia from the MS treatments.  That was horrible.  I would be sooo tired and then all the sudden I was awake.  The steroids would have me all revved up.  And your mind, after a few days of steroids, is not quite “normal”.  I found with those meds, I obsessed more.  Something would start to bug me that unmedicated I could brush off, but with 3 days of 1000 mgs per day steroids, and that little thing became huge.  It would make me so angry.  Or sad.  Or sometimes, when I was lucky, maybe something would strike me as funny and I could not stop giggling about it.  (That did not happen often!)

And yet, I would do all those steroids again.  It was better than the options when I first got sick.  I was originally tentatively diagnosed at age 15, though it was 4 years more before someone would say it officially (ask any MSer, that is normal and frustrating).  But in the beginning, it didn’t really matter if they officially diagnosed me or not, because there was really nothing they could do.  I remember that first neurologist, looking at me, and saying, “there is nothing I can do for you. I hate teenage MS because I can’t do anything.”  Gee thanks lady. 

She kept her promise, she didn’t do much.

It was a little better when I went away to college, a few years had passed and new meds were coming out.  The first preventive medication was Betaseron interferon 1b. It was, and still is, an injection you did yourself every other day.  It’s goal was not to treat the symptoms but to decrease chances of flares, which are times the MS gets worse and there is more potential for permanent damage. 

It did decrease my flairs some, but not to nothing.  But it was something, it was something I could proactively do. I could give myself the flu every other night.  Okay, not really, but that is what the side effects felt like for about the first month. 

And I continued on Betaseron for almost 5 years.  And it helped to varying degrees. 

Now, when someone is diagnosed, there are not only medications, there are several, 5 main ones for prevention of flares and, hopefully, disability.

I am thrilled to not currently need any treatment.  Pregnancy is often a great treatment for MS, 90+% of women go into a remission while pregnant.  Nursing the baby often prolongs that in women.  (I think I will nurse my last baby for 20 years or so, that will work, right?)

And many of the above options were helped along by the National MS Society, either because of awareness they raised, funding they provided or support they give/gave to patients walking the MS road.  And for that I am very grateful, so as I have said, I give at least an annual nod to the MS by participating in the MS walk in May.  This year it is May 2nd.  I am thrilled beyond words to be walking it with my beautiful family.  The family I thought I would never have because of the MS.  We will walk to let the MS know it can not keep us from moving forward.

If you would like to be involved by supporting me financially in the walk, please see my link at the bottom of my blog. It will take you to my personal page.  I would greatly appreciate it, as would the other 16,000 people living in my state alone who have MS.  We need you to help us keep walking.

Here is a picture of Caitlyn from the walk 2 years ago.

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Easter came a little late to our house…

Last weekend was beautiful.  We planned to do lots and have lots of fun.  But poor Sue’s belly had other plans for us.  Late on Good Friday she got sick, very, very sick.  The next three days were more of the same.  My little 2 year old is full of energy most of the time, but last weekend she did not move more than 3 feet from her little nest on the living room floor. So all plans go delayed, including any thoughts for Easter.  I am so glad that several family members had sent the girls fun Easter gifts the week before and we had the girls open them when they arrived, as there was not much fun to be had during the actual weekend.

So this weekend was Easter for us. 

We have not been to church in about a month due to illness, and I did not make it today because of not feeling well, but the girls got all dolled up and headed out with daddy.  I loved having Caitlyn tell me, when they got home, that her Sunday School picture was of Jesus going back to Heaven. It is wonderful to have them learning these Bible truths we hold so dear.

After calling granny and papa and grandma on skype, we headed out to do our Easter Egg hunt.  We started with daddy doing a great job telling them about Easter being fun but also about Jesus coming to earth to teach us and then going back to heaven.  Then we headed outside. 

First, they found their baskets.  Wow, where did those come from?

And then those fun eggs!

It was extra cute to see Caitlyn bringing some back for Sue to put in her basket, even though Sue was holding her own in the finding department.  One of the dogs found a couple, but all he got for his efforts were stickers.  Bet he was hoping for some jelly beans!
Then we headed inside so they could investigate further what was in their baskets.

In addition to their eggs, they found a Veggie Tales video teaching about Easter and a special book.  Sue’s is a collection of Bible stories and Caitlyn’s is a book explaining we do lots of fun things for Easter, but Jesus is the real reason we celebrate. 

Then Sue again showed her belly is much better than it has been, as she dug into some of her candy.

Last week she did not want her beloved chocolate at all, today she saw it and said “CHOOOOCOLLLLLATTTEEEE”. 
It was good to hear, though I think her belly needs a little more time, she spit out all of it she tried, definitely not normal Sue style…the mind is willing, but the belly just a little weak.  But oh the progress!!!  The sweet, sweet progress!

More Random Pregnancy Thoughts

So, in case you were wondering, this coming baby is real (hey sometimes I pinch myself because I must be dreaming) and while some parts of this pregnancy have been very different than with my girls, there are some similarities shining through.


Morning sickness was more intense and made it’s appearance off and on for much longer than with the girls.  16 weeks is when it finally left.

I’ve had more headaches with this one.

But I think I have more energy this time around.

I definitely have less time to obsess about some of the ins and outs of the pregnancy.

I get to share it this time with my girls.  Caitlyn was too young when Sue was born for us to even tell her ahead of time.  This time I think Caitlyn asks me at least once a day, what’s the baby’s name? When she asks that she means what is the boy name, she is sure this one is a boy.  As she explained the other day, “we already got a girl last time mommy, we got Sue!”  Of course today she told me this one was a boy, the next one was going to be a girl…uhhhh, next one?????

People keep telling me how crazy I am to be having/wanting a 3rd child.  Apparently, having 2 is fine and acceptable, adding a 3rd puts you in the running for a trip to the funny farm where they have padded rooms.  I got lots of comments when I swore I was only having one child and now I am getting lots for wanting 3.  Hmmmm….


I still have the best midwife in the world.  She is fantastic.

I still manage to completely freak myself out at least once a week that something is wrong with the pregnancy, the baby or that people are right and I am NUTS for wanting a 3rd child.

I am still a bit worried about getting nursing well established with the new baby, though I have now successfully nursed two and learned lots about the “mechanics” of nursing, and how God designed our bodies to feed our babies and even some ways it is (typically) easier with each child…

I felt this baby move for the first time right around 13 weeks. 

My morning sickness started right at 5 weeks with this one too.  That is my magic number.

I took strange comfort in having morning sickness, though that does NOT mean I enjoyed it.

I managed to gain a fair amount during my first trimester even though this time I was sicker and was working out at Curves (go figure).

My Braxton Hicks contractions set in about 20-21 weeks along just like last time.

Rolling over in bed is getting to be an awakening experience.  Ah well, just means there is a baby needing those ligaments to stretch as he/she grows.

And the big similarity today was the tingly feeling in my right leg as either baby or uterus or something sits on just a certain nerve…birthing ball, my dear friend, here I come to get some wonderful relief!

Finally, the biggest similarity, I know how wonderful this is and how privileged I am to be carrying this baby.  I thank the Lord daily and pray for our family often.

Very compassionate Link

So, I don’t normally do more than one post and those I do normally, have a little bit more in them…but this one is worth it…

MckMama recently went to Compassion International to Kenya.  She is using her blog to raise awareness for children and mothers in need. 

Today she is doing an amazing giveaway.  If you donate any amount, in $5 increments, you will be entered into a drawing for a new Apple Ipad.  You must donate through a link on her blog, so please head over using either of my MckMama links to head over to her blog and help children while helping yourself!!!