Easter came a little late to our house…

Last weekend was beautiful.  We planned to do lots and have lots of fun.  But poor Sue’s belly had other plans for us.  Late on Good Friday she got sick, very, very sick.  The next three days were more of the same.  My little 2 year old is full of energy most of the time, but last weekend she did not move more than 3 feet from her little nest on the living room floor. So all plans go delayed, including any thoughts for Easter.  I am so glad that several family members had sent the girls fun Easter gifts the week before and we had the girls open them when they arrived, as there was not much fun to be had during the actual weekend.

So this weekend was Easter for us. 

We have not been to church in about a month due to illness, and I did not make it today because of not feeling well, but the girls got all dolled up and headed out with daddy.  I loved having Caitlyn tell me, when they got home, that her Sunday School picture was of Jesus going back to Heaven. It is wonderful to have them learning these Bible truths we hold so dear.

After calling granny and papa and grandma on skype, we headed out to do our Easter Egg hunt.  We started with daddy doing a great job telling them about Easter being fun but also about Jesus coming to earth to teach us and then going back to heaven.  Then we headed outside. 

First, they found their baskets.  Wow, where did those come from?

And then those fun eggs!

It was extra cute to see Caitlyn bringing some back for Sue to put in her basket, even though Sue was holding her own in the finding department.  One of the dogs found a couple, but all he got for his efforts were stickers.  Bet he was hoping for some jelly beans!
Then we headed inside so they could investigate further what was in their baskets.

In addition to their eggs, they found a Veggie Tales video teaching about Easter and a special book.  Sue’s is a collection of Bible stories and Caitlyn’s is a book explaining we do lots of fun things for Easter, but Jesus is the real reason we celebrate. 

Then Sue again showed her belly is much better than it has been, as she dug into some of her candy.

Last week she did not want her beloved chocolate at all, today she saw it and said “CHOOOOCOLLLLLATTTEEEE”. 
It was good to hear, though I think her belly needs a little more time, she spit out all of it she tried, definitely not normal Sue style…the mind is willing, but the belly just a little weak.  But oh the progress!!!  The sweet, sweet progress!
Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Easter came a little late to our house…

  1. Sue's hair is getting so long. Your girls are sweet.

  2. Aw – love to see little kids at Easter time! 🙂


    p.s. I’m here from #FBF Chasing_Joy

  3. Sue’s a girl by my own heart – even if your belly says no, you at least TRY every single piece of chocolate you can get your mouth on! Love it!!
    Happy belated/early Easter from #flashbackFriday 🙂

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