Great kid quotes and moments

As I have mentioned before, my kids are funny, very funny.  Here are some quotes from these two little girls…

While Sue was sick, I told her she needed to drink fluids.  She looked at me and said, “I don’t like fluids!”

Yesterday, as she improved, she kept refusing juice.  I asked her why she didn’t want to drink juice.  She said “because it won’t stay in.”

After nap yesterday, she wanted to go back outside to play.  We had let her for a bit earlier in the day, but were afraid of her overdoing it.  She cried and cried seeing daddy and Caitlyn outside.  Finally, she found an open window where she could talk to daddy through the screen.  They probably chatted about juice and eating and how much she wanted to go outside for about 15 minutes.

Yesterday Sue was again not feeling well.  Caitlyn decided she needed a bowl in case she vomitted again…so what did she find in the cabinet and bring to me????  The noodle strainer….ummm, that might not have worked so well for the intended purpose.

And we have figured out another layer of 2 year old code today.  Sue has been complaining of having a cough for the last several days.  Thing is, coughing has not been her problem.  But especially yesterday, she cried for an hour or more about how she had a couch.  And never coughed during that time.  Today, she again started complaining of a cough…without actually coughing…but today, we got it.  “Cough” mean she doesn’t feel good…and has nothing to do with actually coughing.  A couple weeks ago Caitlyn was sick with her breathing issues.  We talked a lot about her cough.  Apparently Sue put together in her head that a cough means anything that makes you not feel good.  This is a handy piece of information to have!

There is one show we plan to watch on TV each week, The Biggest Loser.  When Caitlyn sees the trainer Jillian on the tv, she yells for us to come watch Biggest Loser.

I made the girls hooded towels for Easter.  Due to Sue being sick, we did not give them to the girls until last night.  They were super cute crawling on the floor going “squeak, squeak!”

Survive til you Thrive!

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