Milestone Mania

As parents we see many milestones come for our kids, even at very early ages.  They are just weeks old when we are looking for that first real smile, the first time they can hold their head up, roll over, sleep through the night, sit up…

I don’t know about other parents, but I really struggled with those when Caitlyn hit them.  At the time we were only planning to have one child.  My pregnancy with her had been somewhat difficult and a lot uncomfortable and I had no idea how long my health would stay stable, so I swore we were only having one.  That didn’t mean I did not want more; as soon as they put her on my chest after she was born I knew I wanted to live through every bit of that again…but I had told my hubby this was it.  And I thought I would have to keep that promise.

So with each milestone I smiled and laughed and loved and cried.  A lot.  A whole lot.  I cried every day of her first 5 months.  All I could think was, from now on I have to raise her to leave me.  And I hated that thought, a part of me hated those milestones.

I actually mentioned it to my midwife about it a few times and we were starting to talk about maybe some meds or therapy for postpartum depression when it lifted…and about 6 weeks later we found out we were expecting baby #2…but I digress.

Thankfully, I no longer hate the milestones like I did in those early months.  I continue to hate the thought of my girls growing up to leave me, but I now take one day at a time and enjoy seeing them tackle new ideas and experience new things.

Today I was struck with a new milestone.  We talk about baby’s first haircut, but what about our little one’s first trip to the dentist?  That is a biggy too.  And today, Caitlyn experienced it.

It dawned on me yesterday, a little late, maybe we should prepare Caitlyn for going to the dentist.  She’s the kid who clamps her mouth shut when the doctor wants to look in, that might not work out so well at the dentist.  So last night we talked about it a little bit.  Today I talked about how she was such a big girl and got to go to the dentist because she was a big girl.  Oh, and there was the bribery of going to [Mc]Donalds afterward.

And she did great!!!!  A friend had suggested a children’s dentist.  And they were wonderful.  The hygenist talked through everything she was doing, put it in friendly words, was an amazing professional.

At the very beginning Caitlyn looked like she might not open up much…
But she decided it was ok.  Sue really wanted in on the action!
Caitlyn got her first cleaning like a champ.
And a clean bill of teeth health from the dentist.
Sue, after much begging “what about me???”, got her minute in the chair.
And they both got toys and new toothbrushes, while mama (and daddy) got a “good job” for Caitlyn’s clean, shiney teeth. 
So a milestone I never thought about was met and triumphed today.  Caitlyn did a great job at the dentist.  She was quite grown up about the whole deal and excited to tell daddy the details when he got home.  She loved showing off her stickers, and new toothbrush and shiney teeth. 
And mama and daddy are very proud.  She really did well.  As always, we had nothing to fear. 
Survive til you Thrive!

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