More Random Pregnancy Thoughts

So, in case you were wondering, this coming baby is real (hey sometimes I pinch myself because I must be dreaming) and while some parts of this pregnancy have been very different than with my girls, there are some similarities shining through.


Morning sickness was more intense and made it’s appearance off and on for much longer than with the girls.  16 weeks is when it finally left.

I’ve had more headaches with this one.

But I think I have more energy this time around.

I definitely have less time to obsess about some of the ins and outs of the pregnancy.

I get to share it this time with my girls.  Caitlyn was too young when Sue was born for us to even tell her ahead of time.  This time I think Caitlyn asks me at least once a day, what’s the baby’s name? When she asks that she means what is the boy name, she is sure this one is a boy.  As she explained the other day, “we already got a girl last time mommy, we got Sue!”  Of course today she told me this one was a boy, the next one was going to be a girl…uhhhh, next one?????

People keep telling me how crazy I am to be having/wanting a 3rd child.  Apparently, having 2 is fine and acceptable, adding a 3rd puts you in the running for a trip to the funny farm where they have padded rooms.  I got lots of comments when I swore I was only having one child and now I am getting lots for wanting 3.  Hmmmm….


I still have the best midwife in the world.  She is fantastic.

I still manage to completely freak myself out at least once a week that something is wrong with the pregnancy, the baby or that people are right and I am NUTS for wanting a 3rd child.

I am still a bit worried about getting nursing well established with the new baby, though I have now successfully nursed two and learned lots about the “mechanics” of nursing, and how God designed our bodies to feed our babies and even some ways it is (typically) easier with each child…

I felt this baby move for the first time right around 13 weeks. 

My morning sickness started right at 5 weeks with this one too.  That is my magic number.

I took strange comfort in having morning sickness, though that does NOT mean I enjoyed it.

I managed to gain a fair amount during my first trimester even though this time I was sicker and was working out at Curves (go figure).

My Braxton Hicks contractions set in about 20-21 weeks along just like last time.

Rolling over in bed is getting to be an awakening experience.  Ah well, just means there is a baby needing those ligaments to stretch as he/she grows.

And the big similarity today was the tingly feeling in my right leg as either baby or uterus or something sits on just a certain nerve…birthing ball, my dear friend, here I come to get some wonderful relief!

Finally, the biggest similarity, I know how wonderful this is and how privileged I am to be carrying this baby.  I thank the Lord daily and pray for our family often.

Survive til you Thrive!

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