So what do you think of your birthday?  Do you still get really excited, do you dread them or just think of them as another day?  I must say I love the attention of phone calls and now, since joining facebook, I really love all the greetings.  I love hearing from people from so many parts of my life. 

And the girls get so excited.  They love the balloons, the streamers, the candles on the cake and singing happy birthday, with a rousing, cha, cha, cha at the end.

Sue was just sure my birthday was on Wednesday.   Apparently they did the shopping for my birthday after daycare that day.  So I came home, and she met me with “it’s your birthday!”  So I explained, no tomorrow is mama’s birthday.  She looked at me, “it’s your birthday!”  We had this conversation about 6 times before I gave up…in her world, it was my birthday.

So Thursday my birthday actually came.  I got her up from her crib and I said, “today is mama’s birthday.”  She looked at me very confused and said, “It’s birthday today too?”  Something like that.

She greeted me very happily.  Caitlyn, on the other hand, was not so happy.  She wanted to wear the same shirt she had worn the day before.  I told her no.  She got mad.  She plopped down on the floor and started to cry, scream and kick her feet.  I told her she could wear the shirt (I know, bad parenting…) but she needed to stop throwing a fit.  She looked at me and said, “I didn’t throw anything.”   Ahhh, the things we explain to kids.

After work, I came home to decorations, cake (a huge cake) and wonderful presents. 

Thanks girlies and daddy for a great Birthday.  I am not thrilled with my age, and yesterday I was pregnant (still pregnant today, in case you were wondering) and moody, so I had a bad attitude part of the day, but you guys made it special, in a way only you can.  You mean the world to me and I love you!!!

My blog is not big enough yet for a giveaway in honor of my birthday, but another lady does have a giveaway today.  Check out the Polka Dot Chair for her birthday giveaway.

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Love the rainbow on that cake – very colorful!

  2. You get him a homemade character cake, and he gets a costco cake?? I know where the love is!!! Pull his costco card!! I could have done that!

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