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I am either getting gutsy or more confident in my sewing projects.  I had a baby shower to go to yesterday and didn’t start any of the sewing for it until Friday.  And then ended up getting the nursing cover made without a hitch (!!!) and making a coordinating bib and burp cloth.  I was very impressed with me.  It all turned out very cute. 
Sue wanted to help “show it off” so that is her arm in the picture.
And I loved how I ended up “wrapping” it.  Anyone who knows me knows wrapping gifts is not a strong suit.  But this went together well.  I put a layer of diapers on the bottom of the basket, then a couple cute kids books and the jungle ensemble on top.  I was so pleased with myself, I carried it outside so hubby could see it before I headed off to the shower. 
And while I went to the shower, daddy and girls shoveled dirt.  A lot of dirt.  Apparently we were in need of topsoil, so yesterday morning, 5 yards of it got delivered.  In my driveway.  Too bad we didn’t need it in our driveway.  Daddy and Caitlyn headed out to start moving it.  She had on her boots and was thrilled to be helping daddy. He would put a couple shovel fulls in her wagon and she was pull it all the way to the backyard.  She was really working hard! 
Sue was enjoying a slow morning inside.  She just laid on the floor and watched cartoons.  Then all the sudden she noticed the big ‘ol pile of dirt outside.  That kid can get her clothes FAST when she wants to get them on to go do something!  Wow.  When I left to go to the shower, she was in her ladybug boots pulling a wagon of dirt.  She was about bent over trying to get enough leverage to move the wagon.  It was very funny to watch.  And I must say the three of them did a great job.  There was NO dirt left on my driveway when I got home from the baby celebration.
Today, at least one of us had to make it to church. One of us had to volunteer in Sue’s Sunday School class.  Due to illness and life, we have not been there much.  And this week, like many others, the girls had coughs.  We are thinking maybe allergies, but we just don’t know, so didn’t want to take them to Sunday School.  I hate thinking I am going to be that mom that lets her kids get other kids sick. 
Daddy stayed home with the kidlets.  They did a lesson on Noah and made a craft, a birdfeeder.  And now that I think about it, they actually do go together…after the flood, Noah sent out the birds to see what they could find…anyone else seeing the connection????
They are pine cone feeders.  I saw the idea on Disney Channel and again recently on someone’s blog.  You take pine cones, cover them with peanut butter and roll them in bird seed.  Last weekend when we visited my family, Granny and Papa gave us pine cones.  I finally got bird seed last night.  Put it all together with some fishing line, and here is what they created.
Those are the crafts and projects we have been doing.  What are you working on?
Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Oooh! Another sewist! I absolutely LOVE sewing and I think that your shower gift sounds amazing!

    I also have a little one who loves playing in everything. While in a dress. And dress shoes. One of these days she’ll get the memo not to ruin perfectly good dress shoes when she can play in dirt in her boots.

    Found you through Chasing Joy’s Flashback Friday.

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