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Not a whole lot to say, but hey…I can not believe I am under 10 weeks from my due date with baby 3!  Yay!  And apparently baby decided to celebrate yesterday with tons and tons of activity.  Honestly, I think the baby only stopped moving about an hour all day long.  This of course irritated my fussy uterus.  And the braxton hicks contractions started.  Wowzers.  I mean, wowzers. 

I started the day not feeling great, ended the day remembering how amazingly strong braxton hicks contractions can be.  I would like to talk to those pregnancy book writers whugh o say braxton hicks contractions are not painful.  They are either men or it has been a long time since they were pregnant.  Actually, it doesn’t even have to be a long time.  I swear there is a hormone released at various stages of labor and pregnancy to help you forget the challenges. 

You have to forget.  First, you have to forget the angst of trying to get pregnant or you will never subject yourself to that stressful waiting game.  Then you have to forget how bad morning sickness and first trimester exhaustion can be.  Next you have to forget how the blissful period of second trimester is not exaclty perfect.  Then you have to forget the trauma of seeing your body change from the form you know to this blimp sized thing.  Oh and the contractions, the braxton hicks contractions and then the actual contractons.

And blssfully, you do forget!!!  The Lord is gracious, and you forget so you are more than willing to go through every step of it. 

You are willing to go through every ache and pain. Every emotional up and down.  Every mood swing that makes you feel nuts.  Through every braxton hicks contraction.  Every moment of low baby movement that makes you worry something has happened in utero. 

Does the forgetting happen in stages or does it happen all in one moment when you hold the baby?  When you give him or her their name?

I don’t know.  I really don’t.  But I know the Lord is gracious.  He knows pregnancy can hold lots of challenges and he provides a way for us to forget. 

Then again, maybe I do know.  I think it is the overwhelming love for your child.  I have friends who have adopted.  That process, I think, would have challenges that make some of pregnancy stuff, seem like a walk in the park.  But many of those same friends, decide to walk the walk again.  So, yes, it is the love for the child God has given you, no matter how He gives Him.

The Lord is gracious and good.  Thank you Lord for love.,  For making a way when we don’t see a way.

Caitlyn is top picture, Sue is bottom.

Survive til you Thrive!

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