Wedding Day Bliss

Yesterday my hubby and I attended the wedding of a very sweet couple.  All that getting ready and getting to the wedding was an undertaking…and we weren’t even getting married, just trying to get two kids ready to go to their Aunt’s and drive to the wedding.  Whew!

We really enjoyed the wedding.  Not only are the two who got married really sweet and well matched, but their service was beautiful.  It was very scripture based and included so much of what we believe.  They talked about how God is the focus of our lives.  And the scripture truths of why and how He designed marriage.

The pastor talked about how we need to keep a priority on our marriage and protect it.  How we need to make time for each other (even after kids…), how we are there for each other and how important communication is.  It all spoke right to my heart.  I don’t even know how many times I squeezed my hubby’s hand in agreement with what the pastor was saying.

It was really nice.  And we as a couple are not big on time away from our kids, so the time together while they were at their aunt’s was nice.  We got to talk and eat a dinner without once telling someone to ‘SIT DOWN’ or ‘PUT THAT DOWN.’ Or the myriad of things that you normally get to say during a meal, especially away from home.  We did not get every conversation we have been saving up all talked out, but we started a lot of them.  And we’ll look for times to finish them, or for the next installment.

Many blessings to the new couple.  Thank you for inviting us to share your wonderful day, the reminders of our wonderful day 5+ years ago and for the kid-free time!

We did not take pictures of their lovely day, though I look forward to seeing them all, but here is one from our own wedding day in 2004.

Survive til you Thrive!

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