Random Baby 3 Thoughts

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday.  I just wanted to hear baby was head down and positioned well.  Praise the Lord, that is exactly what I heard.  Then I forgot to mention I was getting the pregnancy itchies.  Why remember to ask your questions while there…oh yeah, because a few hours later the itching will be so bad you truly can not function at work.  I was debating whether to e-mail my midwife or just tough it out…and her office called to give me test results from the thyroid test and I was able to ask!!  And the answer was yes, I could use benadryl cream.  Thank you Lord for that perfectly timed phone call!!!!

Then while I am at the store, wondering what else I can do, my midwife e-mails me and tells me I can also take benadryl tablets and to let her know if I don’t get relief.  I once again was praising the Lord for her timing.  And for the blessing she is to me.

The benadryl tablets help a little bit…not completely but I can function.  Except for being so sleepy, but honestly that is better than being so itchy.  You are probably thinking it is my growing belly that is itching, nope, everywhere but my belly.  I had this with Caitlyn.  I remember laying in bed in tears because I itched so bad.  I never thought to ask if there was something more than lotion I could try.

This baby is very, very active.  Sometimes to the point of pleasant discomfort.  Owie from the force of it, but it brings so much joy to see him or her movin’ and groovin’.  And a joy I never had with the girls, I can SEE the baby moving my belly.  I don’t just feel the kicks, I see them.  And can even tell sometimes that it is a foot.  That is soooo cool and such a gift from the Lord. 

Thank you Lord for babies and for just added gifts.  I often whine about parts of pregnancy, but then you give the gift of movement from my little one.  Thank you!!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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