From the mouth of Babes

Last week at daycare, Caitlyn and the other 4 year old had a theology conversation…

Jane said, ‘Jesus lives in Heaven.”
Caitlyn said, “no, Jesus lives in your heart.”
Jane, “My Sunday School teacher says God lives in Heaven.”
Caitlyn, “well mine says Jesus lives in your heart.”
Jane, “Well, it’s both.”
Caitlyn, “How can it be both?”

They moved on to other things.  But wow, what a great conversation.

Then today I got to witness Caitlyn trying to explain some things to Sue.

Sue said, “How did the hot dog get in my corn dog?”
Caitlyn said, “That’s how God made it.”
Sue, “well how?”
Caitlyn, “God did it all in a row.”
Sue, “Why?”
Caitlyn, “Because that is how God wanted it to be.”
Sue, “I don’t care.”
Caitlyn, “But God cares about you.  He loves you.  Don’t you want Him to live in your heart?”

And off Sue went to do something else.

Wow, they do take in what we say.  Sometimes it is interesting how they interpret it, but it’s a start, huh?

Thank you Lord Jesus for working in our little ones hearts.  And thank you for the Sunday School teachers who sow into them.  They listen to what they hear there and at home.  And for that I praise You!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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