Potty Training Sue Style

As you may remember, Sue had been potty training.  She was doing great.  Then she wasn’t–she stopped.  And I completely stressed out about it.  It stunk…really, as only diapers can.

We had a few battles where she would say she had to go potty, only to not go or even, in mama’s mind, try to go. 

One day, as I fussed at her about why she would not use the potty, she sobbed, “I want to go to Mary’s to learn to use the potty (a neighbor).”  She cried and cried.  It was quite horrid and weird.  But hey, I was a good sport, I texted the neighbor, told her of Sue’s desire and asked when we could drop her off.  The neighbor was game, but we decided to keep Sue here.

So then we made a quick family trip to visit my grandfather who has been ill.  Sue used her pull up soon, but also went potty at all our stops.  It was very confusing, so I asked her when we got home why she wouldn’t use the potty here.  Her response, “because here I have a diaper.” 

True answer kid, but wrong answer.  Daddy and I decided the following weekend to change that reality.  We got out our cloth potty training panties and began to use those…she did great.  There were a couple accidents, but not many. 

The best was her first success.  She said, “I have to go potty!”  So I grabbed her off the chair (don’t tell my midwife I picked her up) and ran her to the potty.  We made it.  She was so proud and kept saying “I had to hustle.  I had to hustle!!!!”  She got a treat.  She will do just about anything for junk food.

We then tried the potty system for the next week as opporutnities presented.  By the following weekend, we made it the whole weekend without pull ups except at nap and night night time.

The next week we used all panties.  A couple accidents, but most mornings she woke up dry.  Can you believe it???

She will even, now, ask to use the potty if she is in a pull up (like when we are out and about). 

But there have been a couple accidents.  The other night I took the girls for a walk.  I asked her several times before we left if she had to go potty, “no, no, no.”  So the girls and I and our dog Stuie set off for a walk.  I hate having my dog pee on people’s yards.  I yelled at him over and over to stop that…

And we got about 1/2 way through our walk.  Sue fell behind mama and Caitlyn.  I look back, and there Sue is, legs spread apart slightly squatting, peeing all over the sidewalk.  Great.  Here I was worried about the dog.  Guess I should have worried more about the 2 1/2 year old!!!!  Oops!

Our walks since have been with her wearing a pull up, just in case 🙂  “Cause sometimes you just can’t hustle enough!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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