Should be…

I should be doing so many things, because, if you notice my ticker on the bottom, baby 3 is due in 7 days.  I did not quite go to 40 weeks with either of my girls, so you would think I would be doing those other things, but nope, I am blogging.  Hmmmm…

What should I be doing:

Finishing sewing a valance for the girls new princess room
Getting the carseat washed up
Cleaning my house
Resting for the big day
Taking my blood pressure because I got a massive headache while outside with the girls

What I have done:

Put a princess dress on Caitlyn
Disappointed Sue by not being able to find her a princess dress to her liking

Taken girls outside to play for a few minutes
Yup, that is Sue in a winter hat.
Then made Sue’s day by bringing them inside and broke Caitlyn’s heart for doing the same.  But this majorly preggo mama had to go potty!!!!!
We have managed to have some other fun this summer. 
We recently went blueberry picking:
Which Caitlyn enjoyed more than Sue
And a few weeks before that, for 4th of July, we went to a local city park that has a lake and a picnic area
(Please note, it appears all dates on pictures are wrong…crazy…or maybe these last pictures are from a trip daddy did with them…I don’t know…)
There have been other doings, some of which have stretched us more than we desire, but those are for another day…
What have you done with your summer “vacation?”
Survive til you Thrive!

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