Fun Found in the Adventure

We are confronted with unexpected situations and decisions at every stage in life.  And often, one circumstance we see as bad, leads to outcomes that are very good.
As you know from other posts, we had several weeks of uncertainty during my pregnancy with Patrice due to her deciding to sit in a breech position…over and over and over.  There are many ways to help a baby turn, one being chiropractic treatments.  This option was just one of the many things we tried to help our little one get where she belonged for delivery.  And it worked.  And along the way, the treatments to help Patrice, took care of a nagging health issue I have had for 30 or more years.

And my poor Sue has had the same nagging issue.  So a few weeks ago hubby and I decided to take her to the chiropractor to see what could be done for her.  It took about 2 weeks, but she is doing much better!!!!  Did I ever expect chiropractic to figure into my family’s health care?  No, but I am so glad it has.  I am glad to be feeling better and even moreso, I am glad to see Sue feeling better.

So that is one of our recent adventures. 

The chiropractor we have chosen to trust as a family is a bit of a distance away.  Yes, we drive past numerous chiropractors to get to this particular one, but that is okay with me.  Just past the chiropractors office is one of the areas’ county parks.  Hubby and I had never  been there, but he had heard it was really nice, so on a whim last week, we picked up some pizza and headed out to the park.  And I must say, it was a wonderful decision.

Getting ready for a trip down one of the many slides!

We are in love.  We have been back once already and plan to go back tomorrow.  Caitlyn had so much fun there, she asks me on a daily basis if Sue needs to go to the ‘practor.  She is going to be so bummed to find out tomorrow is the last time Sue needs to go for a while!

Maybe Patrice isn’t ready for the slide


Catch us daddy!!!!

Sue is Captian of this ship!

As a random thought in this adventure…when we were there the first time, the bathrooms were locked.  And of course Caitlyn had to go potty.  I tried to teach her how to go in the woods…I failed.  And Sue decided she had to go potty, but was not willing to try in the woods, so we had to make a quick drive to a nearby store to use their potty…which she decided was too dirty to use and refused to go until I cleaned it up a bit.  No one mentioned that kind of stuff in the childrearing books I read!
But back to the park…

In addition to going back to play, we will be checking out some of their community programs this fall and plan to spend lots of time here and at other area parks next summer.  Want to know more about where we had fun?  Click here to investigate it for yourself!

Survive til you Thrive!

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