What Stories Will I Tell

The other day my cousin posted an interesting thought Facebook.  She said, “[I] wonder what stories I will tell at the end of my life.”   

Pause, think about that.

What are the moments that define us to such an extent we will tell of them our whole lives?  What are the thoughts we want people to know of us as we realize there is not much time left to share ourselves?

I am sure the answer evolves as we walk through our lives.  But right now, here are the stories I would imagine I want to share not only at the end of my life, but throughout my life.

First and foremost would be my salvation story.  I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour at the age of 9.  I was at church camp.  There was a puppet show about hell and I thought that sounded scarey so I decided to put my trust in Jesus.  I went up to the altar when they gave the call to come pray to accept Jesus.  Yes, there have been lots of changes in life since then, but my walk with Jesus has grown as I have.  My life has been shaped by my relationship with Christ.  That is a story to tell forever.

Stories two, three and four are very closely intertwined.  I have shared in these posts  the birth story of Caitlyn, Sue and Patrice.  Those are stories of miracles I was honored and privileged to participate in.  I hope I never, for one minute, forget the awesomeness of these stories.

Mixed in there will be stories from my marriage to my wonderful hubby.  How both he and I had given up on getting married and then the Lord lead us to each other.  Almost 6 years of our marriage story has been written.  I look forward to the next several decades, loving, laughing, arguing, learning and growing with my love.  I know our children will be a large part of our stories, no matter which ones we are telling, but beyond that, we’ll to watch the history unfold.

What stories will you be, or are you, telling?  What moments do you want to tuck into your heart?

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. I think my memories would be about the same as yours…salvation, marriage, motherhood, music…good post!

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