100th Post and My Sue’s Birthday

Today, my funny, smart, cute, charming daughter Sue turns 3.  Wow.  It seems like yesterday we were living her birth story.  But no, yesterday we were putting up Christmas lights and going Black Friday shopping…

And the day before that we were celebrating Sue’s birthday with family at our Thanksgiving Day feast.  I have mentioned before, at least once, how wonderful my hubby is.  And as great as a husband he is, he is an even better daddy.  And he really showed off with Sue’s cake. 

The girls have been watching a lot of Dinosaur Train on tv, so somehow Sue decided she wanted a dinosaur cake.  Daddy was teasing our friend, who makes wonderful cakes, that it needed to be 3D.  Turns out he got to make it a reality.  A quick internet search showed him how to make the cake…and the rest had to be caught in pictures…

Yup, this masterpiece was finished up in our laundry room.

Didn’t want the Birthday girl to see the creation!

Have you ever seen something so cool?  I can promise you, nothing you have ever seen was done with more love than this cake was by this special little girls wonderful daddy.
And in honor of my 100th blogpost, I will randomly select one commenter from this post to receive a CD of wonderful, basic sewing patterns.  Comments can be made either directly on this post, on the facebook post for this blog entry or in reply to the twitter for this post.
Survive til you Thrive!

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