A picture is worth…

A fellow blogger, An Ordinary Mom, has started a blog hop called Saturday Snapshots. I am thrilled to join in! Head on over there and see what other snapshots people are sharing.

The outfit is adorable, but Patrice was none too happy to be getting her photo taken in it.

I love the Bumbo seat!  Patrice is my first baby to scratch herself, we don’t go anywhere without those mittens.

I think Patrice is looking at Caitlyn with a touch of adoration…

All bundled up for an adventure

We don’t let the street cleaner take our leaves, they are too much fun!

Caitlyn was terrified daddy wouldn’t bring home the leaves from our rental house

there was no need to fear, he brought them home!

Who needs lots of bedrooms to have lots of kids?  Here they all are sacked out in the living room.

Remember, if you enjoyed my post, there are more linked up at Saturday Snapshots

3 Responses to A picture is worth…

  1. I am glad to see you make a new post. Precious pictures! I didn't know Ordinary Mom was doing another Saturday blog hop.

  2. She just started it today. I am so excited about it. I'm working on climbing back out of my shell. I'm kind of a turtle too!

  3. ali @ an ordinary mom

    Precious pics of your blessings!!

    I need to get scooting on some pancakes, but I just noticed your link and wanted to stop by and say hi!

    Have a blessed Saturday!

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