Body After Baby Week 3

I am not seeing ANY progress on the scale.  Uggghhhh.  But I am exercising.  And enjoying it.  Right now I have decided to focus more on exercise and see where that gets me.  I get really nervous about dieting while nursing.  Whether it affects my supply or I just feel like it does, I don’t know, but I do know it causes me more stress.  And I don’t need more stress.  So for right now I will exercise. And love it!

Speaking of the exercise, I can really tell a difference in my mood and personality when I exercise or don’t exercise.  I had a couple rough days last week and couldn’t figure out why, until I got my hiney back on the treadmill and started running.  I could feel my mood improving with every step.  It was amazing.

I never exercised growing up.  I much preferred being inside reading a book.  I have no athletic skills whatsoever, so did not participate in sports much. I took up walking the summer between high school and college and lost 25 pounds.  I kept them off too for 9 years.  Then when the Multiple Sclerosis got really bad, I was doing massive doses of steroids and was in and out of a wheel chair, and then I started dating this guy, who later became my husband, well in all that, I found those pounds.  Then I found a few more.

I lost the few more before getting pregnant with my third baby, but now the few more seem stuck.  But I refuse to get upset about it.  Instead, I will use the pounds and moods as motivation to run.

My goal for tomorrow is to get up early for work and run.  That means 4 am, yup, I mean early.

What are your personal goals?  Do you have exercise goals or other areas you are working on?  Let’s work on them together!

Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Body After Baby Week 3

  1. My goal is to continue to enjoy holiday food in moderation. Minus a small issue with fresh-from-the-oven cookies last night, I've done very well. I'd also like to find ways to be active with my daughter, rather than putting her in child care at the YMCA while I torture myself on the treadmill or elliptical.

  2. Is there a stroller strides group in your area? Or how about a mommy and me yoga class? I have not done either, but hear good things about both. I love having the girls with me, it is lots of fun how THEY bug ME to go to our gym (basement). They play on the mini tramp while I run.

  3. I also notice a mood change when I excersise. Any the energy! I dont blame you for not wanting to affect your supply. I think so long as you are excersising and eating healthy foods then you are doing awesome!! Keep up the good work!

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