Body After Baby Week 4

Still NO progress on my weight.  I am officially stuck, but on the upside, we just did Christmas and I am stuck, not going up in my weight.  I’ll take the victories where I can get them.

Another victory is my hubby committing to start an eating plan with me after the holidays.  We did weight watchers after Caitlyn was born and both did well with it, so here we come again.  I think we will skip the meetings this time, but still do the eating portion.  Wish us luck!

Exercise is still an area I am enjoying and doing well with.  I keep telling hubby I totally understand how people get addicted to exercising, especially running.  I can see how it could become an idol in my life.  Instead, I try to remember where the strength came from to run and make every step I run an Amen, every mile I go a hallelujah.  Ten years ago I was very very sick with Multiple Sclerosis, now I run because it is fun!  Any day now it will have to translate to the scales…

In the meantime, I have found I can not go two days without exercise; when I do, the lack of exercise impacts my mood, so the challenge will be when I go back to work full-time, I absolutely HAVE to get up earlier and exercise before work.  I have to.

So here’s hoping for more success this next week.  I hate being stuck!

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Body After Baby Week 4

  1. Way to go for not gaining!! I gained – a lot! I wish I could get hubby to eat healthier. We would both benifit. He just doesn't like the healthy options. I dont want to cook 2 meals so I just cook things my family likes and then eat less of it – except for last night with the hommade calzones. Whoops.

  2. Ha ha! I don't think I EVER have to worry about making running an idol in my life, lol! I do need to exercise though…I keep saying I want to find a Zumba class, I need to get off my rear and find one! Yay for not gaining, though! With what you're doing, you have nowhere to go but down!

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