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Here we are, another Wednesday.  Last week there was not a works for me wednesday in honor of Thanksgiving, but it has now returned!

I am by no means a super-duper seamstress, but I have made several baby wearing wraps (think Sleepy Wrap or Moby Wrap).  I thought today I would share how I make mine.  Maybe you have a new mama in your life who would love one for a Christmas Present.  My original was a gift to myself.  Best gift ever!

What you need:

5 1/2 yards of 60 inch wide fabric, cotton knit. (enough fabric for 3 wraps)
Tear away or wash away stabilizer

The edges of your wrap fabric should curl under when stretched. There should be some give, but NOT as much as a t-shirt fabric. I prefer a stiffer fabric. This is enough material for three wraps.  Cut the fabric length wise in 17-20 inch wide strips.  Cut the ends rounded to make it easier to tie the wrap on.Technically you do not have to sew the fabric I use, but I choose to stitch around it to give a nice finished look.  The key feature of the wrap is something to mark the center.  So fold your wrap in half, so the ends are lined up, and sew either a pocket on the center with the opening on the side you want to be “up”, toward your head, or I prefer to pick a fun baby fabric and cute a cute shape out of and sew it on.  You need to be able to find the center easily to tie the wrap for baby wearing.

If you choose to sew around it, get some water soluble or tear away stabilizer. Cut it in strips to place under the edge where you are stitching. Trust me, you will thank me later! I do not pin the fabric at all, just lay it under the fabric as you are sewing. Sometimes I do it all the way around, other times, I just do it at the beginning of sewing.

I hope my instructions are clear, but if you could use more help, or pictures, check out this site.

I love wearing my babies (or stuffed animals!).  With this wrap you can start wearing them from birth on, there is no weight minimum.

The basic wrap instructions are the same for almost any hold.  Center the decoration you chose to add at the wrap middle, across your belly.bring the fabric ends over each shoulder, creating an X.  Tuck the ends of fabric under the fabric in the front, again creating an X on the front.  Pull the ends around the waist to the back and tie. If you have lots of fabric, bring it back to front before tying and make the knot in the front.  You Tube has lots of videos on how to tie the wrap.

I hope this gives you some idea of how to make a wrap and what works for me this wednesday!  Now head on over to We Are That Family for more holiday or gift ideas.

Survive til you Thrive!

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