Making pizza with my girls for Try Something New Thursday

As far back as I can remember my mom had this old aluminum cookie sheet she always used to make pizza on.  Yup, she made ours until I was in high school, then we started buying it.  At the time there was a brand, I think Apian Way, that she always bought their basic mixes but then she added flour to make the crust go further, and mushrooms we picked in those woods behind our house, and green peppers she had grown and frozen in the summer.  And we had pizza.  I loved helping.  I would help with rolling out the dough, though my mom was better at it.  I spread the sauce around with my hands, but actually thought it felt gross so she ended up finishing that.  I sprinkled cheese, which she then had to even out.  But I was pretty good at putting the pepperoni on the pizza, after my mom cut it into circles.  Yup, even that we did ourselves, though I think she started buying the pre-cut around the time I was in Jr. High.

I remember it was a normal thing to me, but one time we had the church youth group over for dinner and we made pizza.  One of the girls was shocked we made it ourselves, “you can MAKE pizza?” she asked.  Yup, you sure can.  When I was in high school we started buying our pizza from Papa Joe’s.  It was good and for some reason it felt cool to be buying it pre-made.  Not sure why.

We, as a family, buy ours normally, though my hubby can dress up a store bought pizza to make it taste awesome; he adds more cheese, ground turkey burger, it is yummy.  Today Caitlyn said, “when daddy calls, you should tell him to pick up pizza.”  For some reason that made me think wistfully about when my mom and I made pizza.  I can still see the pan we used every time.  So, while grocery shopping, I picked up a pizza mix.  And the girls and I made pizza together.  I felt grown up and like a little kid all at once.  I didn’t see the brand my mom used to get, but the one the store had was pretty close.  We added (pre-cut) pepperoni and cheese and mushrooms (on half).  And it tastes an awful lot like my mom should be here.  We just might have to make our own when my mom comes next month to celebrate Christmas with us!

I have to say, the sauce still felt gross on my hands, and Caitlyn didn’t much like the feel of it either, so I had to fix it up. 

Sue had her own ideas for the pepperoni

They did a fine job on the cheese, I was surprised they did not take joy in spreading the pepperoni, but I did. All in nice rows.

We topped it off with homemade chocolate milk using An Ordinary Mom’s cocoa recipe. 

I must be blogging my kids a lot.  As I gave Sue the water to pour in the crust mix, Caitlyn said, “wait, mama needs to take a picture before you do that.”  Ah well, I’m capturing memories, right?

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