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We are starting to get the question, “when is it going to be Christmas?  When is it going to be Christmas?”  So I hunted up an advent calendar someone had given us.  It’s cute, but it is all about the Santa and fantasy aspects of Christmas.  Not really my goal for an advent calendar.

So what to do?

I remembered reading over at MckMama’s blog where she made a pair chain for her kids when counting down to her youngest’ birth.  And that sounded like a good idea. I decided to do something like that for my girls.  Yesterday I sat down and for the first time in decades. I made a paper link chain.  Then I got to thinking about the Bible reading I have been doing.  A few of us on twitter have started reading a Proverb a day along with reading Luke at our own pace (you can follow along #SONlight). 

A thought came.  To marry the two.

I decided to write verses on the chain links.  Here are the verses I chose:

Luke 1:28-30
Matthew 1:20
Luke 1:31
Matthew 2:5
Luke 2:6-7
Matthew 2:10-11
Luke 2:28-29
Matthew 2:15
Luke 2:49
Luke 2:11-12
Matthew 2:1
John 3:16

Each night we are taking one link off and reading the reference.  There are a lot more you could use, but those were some verses I selected.  Maybe this will get us started on a family devotion of some sort.

Here is our little chain

Now I am going to head over to We Are That Family and see what works for other people.

Survive til you Thrive!

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