Body after Baby Morphs

A few weeks ago I started a blog hop called Body After Baby over at Mama Notes. It was an 8 week challenge.  I saw no weight loss until this week.  I lost 1 pound.  I’ll take it.

The biggest thing I have found is the value of exercise to my overall life.  That has been huge.  But I would still like to lose some weight and get healthier.  And I would like to find out if it is only running that makes me feel better or any good exertion exercise.

So, I am taking the plunge again.  Samantha at Mama Notes has decided to do a 30 day challenge.  And her readers chose the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  I happened to see this DVD at the store Friday and picked it up.   Here goes nothing.  I started it yesterday.  It is HARD.  I am SUPER sore today.  I think the muscles that are killing me are called your pecs.  I just call them ouch!!!! 

Today got away from me and I really have to get to bed, so tomorrow will be my mulligan, my do over.

Are you interested in joining me on this 30 day adventure?  Come join us and link up at Mama Notes.

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Mining for Diamonds

    I'm allergic to exercise! I keep saying I'm going to find Zumba class but I have yet to do that!

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