Making baby wipes Works For Me Wednesday

I did the math one day when Caitlyn was a baby and each baby wipe I used, even when I bought them on sale was 2 cents EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, I will admit, this was not for the cheapest ones.  I had tried those and they smelled so bad I couldn’t stand using them.  Horrible smell.  But I hated the 2 cents each price.  You can use a lot of those in just one diaper change.  Then a friend told me how she made her own wipes, they smelled nice and were much cheaper.  So we started making ours.  Three kids later and we are still making them.

Our recipe is not exact science or measure but you will need:

1 roll (bounty works best) paper towel, cut in half so you have two short rolls

This mix makes enough for ONE of the short rolls, you’ll have to make the “juice” twice to make up both rolls.
2 cups water (a bit more is okay)

3 squirts of baby lotion
3 squirts of baby shampoo
2 long squirts of baby oil

Combine all in sauce pan, bring to a boil, stir often.  Boil about 3 minutes until all ingredients are dissolved, you will have clumps of lotion if you don’t boil the mix long enough.  Place paper towel roll in the pan, let some of the moisture soak in, then put the roll in your storage container (a tall canister shaped bowl with a lid works great), pour any remaining liquid over the roll.  Put lid on tightly.  The steam will finish getting the roll wet.

Now repeat with 2nd roll of paper towel.

Remove the paper towel cardboard center when the wipes cool enough to touch.
When you are all done you have wipes for a week or more.

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Survive til you Thrive!

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