My Girls New Workshop on Saturday Snapshots

We had Christmas last night!  Yup, round 2 and it was COOOOOOOOL.  Grandma “with two doggies” and Grandpa came down and they brought PRESENTS!!!!!

It wouldn’t all fit in one picture

And one of the coolest had to be the workshop bench!

Grandma had to buy Big Bird on ebay, he came from Korea

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Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to My Girls New Workshop on Saturday Snapshots

  1. What a great idea – having one Christmas later. Those few days around Christmas can get so busy when you are trying to see all the family.

  2. ali @ an ordinary mom

    How exciting for your littles! Love the workbench!

  3. It worked out great having two separate celebrations. Not as overhelming!

    Isn't the workbench awesome? Can't have my three girls having only princess stuff! I love it.

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