Saturday Snapshots from the Phone

My phone has a mini SD card.  It holds a lot of pictures. I have taken a bunch, and I want to share them, but am often too lazy to go get the adapter to download the pictures.  Friday I finally quit being lazy.  I went and got the stool and got the adapter.  In the process I found the video camera battery charger so now we can quit wishing we could tape stuff and finally do it!!!

And you get to see some pictures I have taken with my phone.  Wait for it…wait for it…

Now to browse some fun.
This is over a year old, but isn’t it awesome?  Caitlyn and her friend at the Fire Department Open House

Caitlyn and Sue reading

It was fun ’til we used up all the paint

The pumpkin fairy

Riding Sandy

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the park Independence Oaks?

Sue likes it too.

These glasses always make mama laugh

Yup, you sure do!

I *think* they are holding hands 🙂

Always make mama laugh!

Now we have fast forwarded to this Christmas.  That is a doll playpen Caitlyn is in.

And apparently not too happy about it.

I hope you enjoyed the view from my phone.  Now head on over to An Ordinary Mom to see what others have pictured.
Survive til you Thrive!

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