Snapping…what are my kids snapping

We got the girls kid cameras for Christmas. I think Caitlyn is in love. She is forever taking pictures and playing the games. I cannot believe how many pictures I have been in since she got it. But her favorite part is deleting pictures that do not turn out the way she wants them to. She is a little bit of a perfectionist. And she has been her whole 4 years. I think that is why she crawled “late”, walked on the “late” side of “normal.” She doesn’t try anything until she can do it easily.

I keep forgetting that such is the case, so I find myself worrying.  I worried when she was not trying to pedal her bike.  I worried when she was not picking out letters and naming them.  It’s not until she is able to do something, and does it very well that I remember, ah yes, this is my child who must be able to do it just right before we will even see her try.

Once she figured out crawling, that same weekend she started pulling herself to a stand on the furniture.  Two weeks after she took her first step she was running all over the birthing center, when she came to visit her new sister.

And yet, I still worrry.  Does it do any good?  No.  Wait, I think Jesus said something about that.  “You cannot add any time to your life.” Luke 12:25 and Peter said “Give all your worries to Him because He cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Now to remember that for all the years ahead of us.  We have a lot of learning to do.  There is much we will teach Caitlyn and even more she will teach us.  Prepare us oh Lord.  Keep our minds staid on you and not on charts or percentiles or expectations.

Survive til you Thrive!

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