What Does NOT Work for Me–WFMW

This week’s What Works for Me Wednesday is a bit different, the theme is What Does Not Work for Me!
Mornings do not always work for me.  I don’t mind being up, but I do mind trying to find my kids clothes, socks and shoes.  Shoes, how I loathe thee!  But we have been very diligent so far, 3 days, with putting out clothes for the kids and I the night before.  That helps a lot.  Much less stress for the whole family.  Also, making lunches in the morning does not work for me.  It doesn’t work for my hubby either, so he has been making them the night before.  My hubby makes an amazing sandwhich.  I am not sure what the secret is, but they are so yummy.
Being clocked in the head by my daughter does not work for me either.  Sue was pushing Caitlyn who for some reason was holding her camera above her head; before I had a chance to control that situation, Caitlyn wacked me on the head with her new camera.  Ugghhh.  Her rotten apology doesn’t work for me either.  She yelled at me “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”  For the record, she did not sound sorry.  So after I dealt with Sue’s behavior, Caitlyn and I had a chat about how we apologize for hurting someone, EVEN if it is an accident.  For the record, my head still hurts, the pain has outlasted the kidlets consequences.  Ahhh, the joys of motherhood. 
Going cold turkey off all candy is not working for me either.  Hubby and I have started eating healthier this week and I am struggling with the junk cravings.  I’m trying to keep them in check, but oh, the struggle!!!!  And I refuse to give up my nightly chocolate milk.  The baby needs me to get calcium, right?
I guess, right now, there are a few things that do not work for me!!!  I hope you enjoyed these thoughts and will check out what is not working for others.
Survive til you Thrive!

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