Browsing Blog World and Found…14 Days of L.O.V.E Challenge day 5

I find the blogging world wonderfully creative.  Today I hopped over to a friend’s, who was nice enough to comment on mine, blog and found this fun L.O.V.E challenge.  Today’s challenge is to share a song, be it love song or just one that you love and share it.  Summer shared a Beatles Song, Kimberly shared a worship song and I will add a country song.

I heard it for the first time when Caitlyn was just weeks old.  It made me cry.  Not polite, dainty, that touched me tears, rather, cry and cry ’til the sobs shake you.  I was already struggling with my emotions.  It seemed my little girl was growing up so fast (and I wasn’t even back to work from maternity leave).  And then to hear this

I lost it. 

I have danced to it while holding each of my girls.  I have pictured their daddy dancing to it with them.  And I cry.  Tears of joy for the three girls the Lord has given us, tears of sorrow they are growing up so fast and will some day leave us and tears of longing for them to know how loved they are and for them to some day find a man, as wonderful as their daddy, to love them forever and that they will above all come to know the LOVE of their Heavenly Father, from whom all love comes.

Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Browsing Blog World and Found…14 Days of L.O.V.E Challenge day 5

  1. Mining for Diamonds

    What a great song! Reminds me of Butterfly kisses. How sweet! I can see why you'd bawl!

  2. What an awesome song!! This reminds me of Butterfly Kisses too and gives me chill bumps! I really love this song!! It is such a daddy's little girl song! So perfect I am tearing up listening to it and commenting at the same time LOL

    Thank you so much for playing along and what a great song!!


  3. Glad you both enjoyed it. It is an absolute favorite of mine.

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