Here’s Guessing

My sweet baby Patrice seems to be struggling a little bit the last couple days.  She is a bit fussier than normal, which is to say, she is actually fussy.  She is typically a very happy, content baby.  Yesterday daycare reported she was hard to console all morning.  Tonight she is also grumpy.  Turns out daycare had another tough day with my sweet-ums.  My guess is teeth.  I don’t see any but she is nursing different.  She is clamping down more and kind of grinding her mouth.  Just seems she is looking for something to be more comfortable.  It is not a lot of fun for her or mama.  I feel so bad for her.  She is normally so happy.  It makes me wonder how much discomfort she is really in.  I am guessing a fair amount. 

If she is going to do this like her sisters, we will be seemingly on a non-stop teeth spree soon.  My girls wait a little while to get them but once they start, they come one right after another.  Ahhhhh….I must admit, I am dreading it a little bit.  I am dreading the fussiness, the diaper rashes and the interrupted sleep. 

I also dread teaching her not to bite me while nursing.  But while it is something I will have to teach her, it is not impossible.  She will learn.  And likely learn pretty quickly.  My older two did.  My brilliant midwife taught me the trick before even the first attempt.  Don’t pull baby away, even though that is reflex, it just adds pain.  Rather, push baby toward me so her little nose gets tapped.  It makes her open her mouth in a little gasp and stops any clamping down of that little jaw.

It works like a charm.  And it works for me this Wednesday.

Survive til you Thrive!

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