Welcome to my 1 year Anniversary Post!!!!

I am sitting here wishing I had something totally fun and profound for my 1 year anniversary post, but I got nuthin’!  Yup, a lot of  nuthin’.

I am ever so thankful for blogging.  It started as a fun hobby to share pictures and random thoughts and support some blogging friends.  It has become so much more.  I have “met” some fantastic people through blogging.  And gained some amazing prayer support from those other bloggers.

The Lord has also used the blogging mightily as I walk through postpartum depression.  It was one of the things that became a struggle to continue to do as I withdrew into my darkness, but also became a path back into the light.  It started with the Saturday Snapshots over on An Ordinary Mom’s blog and from there I found other blog hops for inspiration and ideas.  I will be forever indebted to these bloggers and the encouragement they were to me.

Blogging has also become my way to share some information.  While I was expecting Patrice, I shared some information about breech presentation babies.  I am hoping it helps other mamas if they end up in a similar situation and then when I decided I would share about the PPD, I hope other mamas will find my posts and maybe it will help them walk through the darkness.  I have benefitted greatly from encouragement from others in the on-line world and hope I can contribute the same for others.

Overall, I see this blog as something the Lord has used in my life and I hope He will use it for His glory as I continue sharing here.

Many blessings to you on my blogaversary!

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Mining for Diamonds

    Happy Blogiversary!!!!! I LOVE blogging too! It really is a blessing. May you experience many more blessings in time to come through your blog, both given and received!

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! How exciting! I only started blogging last year too, and it is so encouraging to meet people who are walking the same paths as we are!

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