A Friends Giveaway!

Do you ever feel cool just for knowing someone cool?  I do.  And today I am pretty excited to tell you about  my cool friends.  I went to college with Aaron Zenz‘ wife and also lived near them when they were a newly married couple.  So that makes me cool, because they are cool. 

Aaron is an amazing artist and author.  His first authored and illustrated book was the The HiccupotamusIt is very cute.  I have a copy and have given several copies to others.  It is so cute and so giftable.

And now he his coming out with another book that he wrote and illustrated, Chuckling Ducklings.

Here is just one of the adorable illustrations

 He is celebrating the release of his book with a very generous give away.  Please check it out!  Then you’ll be cool too!

Survive til you Thrive!

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