Does God Care

Does God care about me finding matching socks? Does He care if I can find my keys? Does God care if I get a certain job?

Do you find yourself praying about both the big and little things of the day? Do you pray at set times or do you do more of the shotgun prayers?

My prayer life is a running monologue dialogue.  At least I hope the communication is two way.  And sometimes my prayers are very much about the trivial, yes, I have prayed for matching socks.  Other times I am praying for direction (Lord, do you desire to make a way for one of us to stay home with the girls full-time and homeschool them?) or for those I know and love who are hurting. 

Many times my prayers are a persons name and then just “Heavenly Father.”  I am learning more and more I rarely have the words to adequately express what is on my heart.  I am so glad He hears the prayers in the sighs of our hearts.

I don’t honestly know if God cares about my socks (I doubt He does) or my keys, though I do know He hears the prayers when I ask for a calm attitude and clear thinking as I look for them.  I know He hears those because those prayers are not really about what is going on externally, but are rather prayers about heart responses; prayers to have more of His response in every situation.

Why do I pray as a running conversation rather than all in one lump?  Because I don’t want to miss an opportunity to commune with Him.  I would rather be mentioning something not high on the priority list than risk not speaking up about the heart matters.  It is my response to “pray without ceasing”, I Thessalonians 5:17  And I think it is highly likely He does want to hear about everything. He cares about the lilies that are here today and gone tomorrow, Matthew 6:28. This truth leads me to believe He is interested in the every day details of our lives.
What do you think?  What do you find yourself praying about the most?  Do you believe the Lord is always listening or does He just tune in from time to time?  What does your heart say?

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  1. So beautiful. I think He is always listening to us. I find I pray more for my family, the health and safety of my husband and children, and His continued work on me as a mother.

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