Sometimes There’s No Theme–Saturday Snapshots

I love the idea from An Ordinary Mom for having a day to blog pictures.  Sometimes I have a theme, but some days, I just have random cuteness.  This is one of those days!  Feast your eyes and then head over to see what others are showcasing.
Found a couple more costumes at a mom2mom sale!
Stuie reading the Word!  Talented dog, huh?
What a perfect bunch of grapes.  It seemed worthy of a photo!
Breaking me of sucking my thumb will drive my parents crazy one day…
But right now I’m so cute when I find my thumb buddy!
Yup, those are froggies on my feet
Survive til you Thrive!

6 Responses to Sometimes There’s No Theme–Saturday Snapshots

  1. ali @ an ordinary mom

    I love how the whole body is the flower stem! What a cute costume 🙂

  2. Mining for Diamonds

    Cute pictures!!! For some reason, I really love the picture of the grapes.

    I gotta laugh at the thumb sucking…ours started out tinier than that and nearly 8 years later, we have not outgrown it. But I'm sure I'm probably a slacker mom because I've never really encouraged her to stop. It's not that big of a deal for me personally, so…I just let her suck away! She has the discretion not to do it in public anymore, and she doesn't do it at school… so I just trust she'll figure out how to stop on her own.

    And it is really cute! 🙂 Love the froggy toes and…what costume is that?!

  3. I thnk you are right, she'll stop the thumb on her own. "Sue" sucked her binky until she was 3, but then we "lost" them and she was done. Can't lose a thumb, but we'll figure it out when the times comes.

    The froggie toes are on a Little Me sleeper. I love that brand of baby clothes!!! I have that sleeper in three sizes 🙂

    @Ali, I love the flower too. It says it is only an 18 months, but my 3 year old fits great. At this week Mom2Mom sales I found a lady bug costume!!!

  4. What a cute sunflower!

  5. Yeah, I say let her suck her thumb until she's done on her own too. She may need braces like I did. But, I like to think I'm well adjusted. Sometimes that thought still seems comforting to me. But I resist the urge, lol.

  6. signingcharity

    I think you are pretty well adjusted Lori! Our family doctor says the orthodontist gets them all sooner or later anyway, so let the little ones be 🙂

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