The First Step

The first step feels good.  The second step feels a little crazy.  I wonder what I was thinking.  How far will I make it.  I reduce my goal for today.  I just don’t think I am going to make it.  Then I start to think about making it to the end of this street.  Next up to the traffic light.  On to a light 1/2 a mile away. 

As I go, my thoughts and feelings change.  I start noticing the scenery around me.  Praying for friends and situations.  Slowly I realize my legs are no longer burning and my lungs are not gasping for the energy to go on.  And I begin moving my goal further out.  No longer, will I make it another step, rather, can I go to the next goal.  My feet no longer fight moving, instead they echo a refrain, “Thank you Lord for each step I take.  Thank you for the doctors who believed in a better day for me.  Thank you.” 

Ten years ago I was in a wheelchair and on high doses of steroids just to keep functioning.  The Multiple Sclerosis was interrupting more days than not.  I began to resign myself to always being sick, always being dependent on medications that made me sicker even as they helped my body function.  I didn’t dream of running.  I dreamt of a day where I didn’t struggle to get from beginning to end.

The Lord used a brilliant doctor, some decent medications and the hormones of childbearing to bring me a healing I had decided was unlikely to be mine until I saw Him in Glory.  Today and every day I endeavor to thank the Lord for the renewed strength my body has with my words, thoughts and deeds.  Those thoughts and deeds are never as present as when I am running. 

May I never stop thinking and thanking the Lord for His gift to myself and my family.  I pray I am always like the one leper who came back and thanked Christ for healing him.  I pray I use every opportunity to tell the reason for the hope I have been given.

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7 Responses to The First Step

  1. What a beautiful post (and work of God in your life)!!

  2. How amazing! I loved hearing your story of healing! From one runner to another, keep going! :o)

    Jess @PriscasVoice

  3. Thanks ladies. It is a story I never tire of sharing. I have been known to get very choked up telling people what running means to me.

  4. Mining for Diamonds

    Wow, what a testimony!!! Praise the Lord for His healing in your life!!!

  5. Oh, you're such an example to us all! What inspiration! I'm sure there was a lot of pain you had to overcome, it's so wonderful that you stuck by your faith through all those challenges!

    Would love for you to stop by and link up to Thankful on a Thursday too!

  6. Wow – what an amazing story! It's so wonderful to hear how God has blessed you. And I love your attitude of wanting to be like the one leper who came back.

  7. What an awesome testimony of God's healing!! Thanks so much for linking up at A Steady Rain!!

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