Weight Loss Wednesdays Week 3

Time for my last chance workout before I do my weigh in.  Here’s hoping this week is better than last.  But regardless, I am proud of how hard I am working.

I am up to consistently running 5k on the treadmill.  A few weeks ago, I thought I would never get to that distance on the treadmill.  It is amazing how much further you can go if you cover up the display on the machine.  Watching the time and distance makes it feel like you aren’t making any progress at all!  Covering it up and then telling myself I can’t peak until a commercial on tv really helps.  I am then pleased with my progress toward the goal, rather than sure I will never make it.

I did 10 miles again this week on the treadmill.  I only have 50 situps left in the challenge (total to be done is 500).  I still have a lot of pushups to do.  Those babies are hard!  Doing 5 sets of 10 makes my muscles hurt for a couple days!  That’s a good thing, right?

I’m hoping to run a 5k this weekend with my sister.  (Hear that kids, if you get over your colds, we can go see Grandma with two doggies).

How are you doing on your goals?  Do you have a weight loss and an exercise goal?  Or just one or the other?  I am finding it helpful to have both so even if one doesn’t go so well, I have hope of doing well with the other!

Wish me luck with my workout and weigh in. I’ll be back later to do an update 🙂  See how others are doing too.

Survive til you Thrive!

5 Responses to Weight Loss Wednesdays Week 3

  1. Alicia The Snowflake

    Good for you! I've thought about doing a 5K. Right now I'm just trying to work exercise into my routine…easier said than done some days. But I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

    Take care my friend! And thanks for joining!

  2. signingcharity

    the exercise helps tremendously with my mental health. I feel bad leaving my kids upstairs, but they often come play downstairs while I run on the treadmill. I remind myself that they are learning exercise is important by seeing me give it priority.

  3. Great job! I'm hoping to some day be able to run 5k, but right now I'm just up to intervals of 2 minutes at a time. I agree that it's so much easier to not look at the display! I'm training to walk a 1/2 marathon in May, and I'm up to 6.5 mile hike/walk for that.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Great job!! I did my first 5K in January and had to walk/run it but it was amazing & I can't wait to do another in May!!

  5. You are doing so great with your exercise! Keep it up. Can't wait to hear how your weigh in went.

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