The Gypsy Mama hosts a fun blog hop, 5 minute Friday.  She gives us a prompt to write about for 5 minutes flat.  No rewriting, no editing, just honest writing.  She then asks we link up with her site and give comment love to the person who linked right before us.  Here goes…
If I knew I could handle going back to school and raising kids, I would go back for a whole new career field.  I would go back to school to become a certified nurse midwife, especially if I knew I could be an amazing blessing to women like my midwife has been to me.*
I would want to be the blend of midwife I see in my own.  She loves and embraces the women she works with.  She loves and embraces the birthing process.  She blends the natural elements of birthing with what can and should be done medically to give women a successful birth. 
Yes, I know in a perfect world, birth would require no “help” but it does.  We are told in Genesis that birth would now be accompanied by pain.  I believe, like all other things affected by the fall, the element of sin continues to degenerate things, so birth is not only accompanied by pain, but can also be accompanied by complications. 
I understand birth is not always a medical emergency.  I know people who have carefully and wisely chosen very natural births, but for me and my household, we love the blend of care our midwife provides. 
Now it is your turn!  What would you do if you knew you could?!

*Just look under tagline midwife if you have any question about the impact my midwife, turned friend, has had on our family

Survive til you Thrive!

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