Prayer Time

Some things seem like they should be easy to pray for.  They come to mind often throughout the day.  So, I pray for them a lot, right?  Well, not always.  Lots of times my brain stews on the topics, trying to sort it out or make sense of it.  But I never actually form a prayer.

I think of my children many times a day, but I often find myself making plans instead of praying.  I think of my hubby over and over, but often find myself thinking about things he has done, projects we are working on, instead of praying.  I love the church we attend and often think of the blessing it is to our family, but forget to form the words of a prayer.

There are a couple things during the day I want to make sure I pray for.  There is a ministry that means a great deal to me.  I have committed to praying for them daily; I set an alarm on my phone to remind me.  There are also a number of dear people in my life, family and frends that I want to make sure I lift up before the throne.  They get an alarm on my phone as well.

I may pray for them when they come to mind at other times, but there is at least one time each day these precious people are covered in a prayer.  Other things, friends have asked me to pray for.  Some get a specific time, others get a moment or two when the Lord brings them to mind.  I find both ways to be a blessing to me, as I pray they are for the people I am lifting up.

Praying is a gift we can freely give to others and it gives back to us as well.  It is not possible for me to pray for a person or situation without also being blessed.

How do you remember to pray for someone or something?  Do you have a list you look at each day?  Do you wait for them to come to mind?  Do you have set times you pray throughout the day?

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