A Deep Breath–5 Minute Friday

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A Deep Breath.

Today I am pausing and taking a deep breath.  It is my birthday and I am only doing what is necessary.  We are keeping things very low key.  I have another TMS treatment today and then we will go out to dinner as a family.

I take a lot of deep breaths during the TMS treatments.  There is some pain/discomfort with the pulsing.  It feels like someone is poking my head and hurts in my nose.  The treatment is 40 minutes, with 4 seconds of pulsing, and a 26 second break.  The machine makes a chime sound before the 4 seconds of pulsing, so with the beginning of each one I take a deep breath.  It helps me get past the discomfort.

Do you ever need to take a deep breath to get past something?  I sometimes have to take a deep breath when my kids are pushing my buttons, a deep breath before I start a run, a deep breath when I want to correct how my hubby has done something (I try not to be critical, he is amazing and does so much for our family, I don’t want to accidentally dishearten him by being a nag).  Sometimes life just requires a deep breath.  Tell me about those moments you have to pause and take a deep breath!

Survive til you Thrive!

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