Bead fun for Try Something New Thursday

Recently the girls got a bead kit that looked like fun.  Without instructions. 

Hubby said to put all the little beads on the form

It took a long time.

Caitlyn was totally into it

Patrice, not so much.

Caitlyn made up for it with her enthusiasm

Sue was not so interested either, but mama kept at it.

Hubby also said we  had to put it in the microwave to meld the pieces together

This did NOT work out, we had to call someone for directions.

Turns out, you had to IRON it.  Glad we found it out before mine uh, Sue’s got damaged…

 What have you tried lately?  Did it turn out?  Link and show it off whether it was a flop or a fantastic success.

Survive til you Thrive!

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