Motherhood Should Come With–5 Minute Friday

Another Friday, another fun 5 Minute Friday with the Gypsy Mama.  We write for 5 minutes, no editing, just 5 minutes.  Check out what I have to say and then head over to see what others think.
Today’s prompt, Motherhood should come with…
A friend who has been to the dark side of motherhood.  A friend who is willing to ask, how are you emotionally.  And not believe you automatically when you say fine.  And not be scared when you share what a wreck you are inside.  But totally believes you when you say how much you love your kids even though you are a wreck inside.
I have found mothers like that in my recent journey with postpartum depression and anxiety.  Some I knew about beforehand, others, I never would have dreamed had walked this road.  I have also met several more via Twitter.  There is this amazing group of women out there under the hashtag #ppdchat.  They are amazing.  Some are at the beginning of the journey, some are survivors.  All have a heart for each other and what life is dealing us right now.
Can I ask you, please check on new mamas you know.  When you ask them about nursing and how the baby is sleeping, also ask them, how are you mama?  How are your emotions?  Ask, you never know what life you might help save.

Survive til you Thrive!

6 Responses to Motherhood Should Come With–5 Minute Friday

  1. What an insightful post – we do need to ask how each other is doing and really listen to the response. You're right, we need each other so much. Who better to understand, empathize and comfort than another mother?? God bless you for your honesty and courage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Amazing. Insightful…

  3. signingcharity

    Thank you ladies. I appreciate your encouragement.

  4. Oh yes, we all need someone who had been to the darker side of motherhood. I'm so thankful for my sister-in-law because she did ask the harder questions. I didn't have ppd, but she has, and I'm thankful for her insight. And yours. 🙂


    What a true post. I love the support network that #ppdchat offers each other. I didn't suffer from PPD, but I see how hard it is and how amazing you guys are. You are all so strong.

  6. So very true. I didn't have PPD, but I definitely had the baby blues the first few weeks. I couldn't agree more – ask HOW the mama is doing with it all.

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